Open Day of new venue in Madrid MEEU

Yesterday our teamWedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz was invited to Open Day of MEEU.

‘’MEEU’ (Madrid exposiciones y eventos urbanos – Madrid exhibition and urban events), organized a visit of its 33.000m2 where all your business and entertainment events can be hold.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

Located in the Chamartin train station of Madrid, the place is a combination of several places which makes the all versatile.

Constructed as independent parts, the place holds your corporate business with its co-working space (‘factoría’) which can welcome a hundred person in modern facilities. There is also the ‘Demo’, a place where you can easily organize trade fair, cultural, commercial and corporative events. For the occasion, the company ‘Iris 360 studio’ made us a virtual tour of the warehouse.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

Then, we were able to take a tour in the ‘film’, ‘lab’ and ‘rolling’ spaces.

The first is a place for conferences. Made up of six auditoriums, all equipped with screen, sit, sound equipment, you can make presentations, conferences and tribunes.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

If you wish for something more casual the ‘lab’ will welcome your concerts, shows, and demonstrations with technical equipment of a high standard. We tried it with an impressive artist demonstration of light painting.

Then, the ‘Rolling’ place of 700 m2 can hold all types of events. Your wedding celebration will be perfectly suitable with the dance floor and the luminary equipment that we had the opportunity to try thanks to the company ‘AVLTP’. They imagine brilliant luminous decoration of your wishes for your tables.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

We end the night in the perfect place. The ‘Zielou’. The special atmosphere the indoor restaurant and the terrace can welcome your dinner and cocktail night.

The event was perfectly made so we can see all the aspects and possibilities of the ‘MEEU’. We had a sensorial experience of high level.

Defile weddings dresses 2017

The celebration

‘Me pido este vestido’ celebrated its two years this weekend and ‘Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz’ were lucky to be invited. The celebration took place in a loft situated in Madrid and was very well organized. The event started by a wedding’s appetizers buffet from the caterer: ‘Guante Blanco’. Food was presented in a cute way and delicious. There were fruit’s brochettes, fruit’s and vegetable’s juices, caramel cheesecakes, some French cheeses, tortillas, small sandwiches, and different verrines.

The show

Then, the show began. A member of ‘Me pido este vestido’ introduced the company and its philosophy which is to propose fashion and practical weddings and parties dresses to modern women without an exorbitant budget. They got their inspiration from shop in New York and developed themselves from it.

During the defile, girls wore classic to modern weddings and evenings dresses. With ‘Me pido este vestido’ Brides can meet all their tastes.

The dresses

It started with classic and chic dream dresses. They had lovely details such as bare back or parts with fine lace. It continued with some with a more modern style with dresses were the top and the bottom of were separated. One of them had its bottom full of light pink feathers. It gave the bride a lot of sensuality and a bohemian style. There was also one strapless dress which was gorgeous. The laces in the back of it were stunning.

The defile ended with parties’ dresses. They were colourful and long. Also full of cute details such as long neckline and laces in the back.


‘Me pido este vestido’ offers splendid dresses to brides with small budget and for that really deserves its success.

13 reasons to get married in Spain

Wedding in Spain. 13 reasons to get married in Spain :

Take a look at this list and be convinced that Spain is the perfect place for your wedding.


 The land of love

Charm is everywhere in Spain. Be sur your celebration here will be memorable.

The food

Simplest ingredients turn into meal for kings in Spain. The variety of tastes will allow you to meet all your guest’s expectations.

The wine

Most famous wines are produced in Spain thanks to its 300 grape varieties.

The Weather

Warm days are guaranteed from April to September in Spain. You won’t have to worry about unexpected rain coming on your wedding day.

The history

Heritage is important for Spanish. Historic venues have been preserved through the aged. You easily will find a fairy-tale castle or a beautiful villa once owned by nobility to hold you wedding.

The beaches

The 5000 miles of coastline offers beautiful beaches in which you could organized your celebration.

The city of Art

Barcelona will impress you with its outside galleries, its buildings of old time, and its famous square of a medieval architectural.

The Practicalities

Spain is a short hop away, direct flights to most cities are frequents and several low-cost options exists.

The family-friendly Welcome

Spaniards are known as hospitable, the service granted to you and your guest will be of high quality in any place. You will just feel like home.

The cost

Fabulous landscape, food, wine, sun and all for less than it cost in France or Italy. The value for money is surpassing the rest of European countries.

The style

A lot of designers and style icons are from Spain. All their inspiration come from this very particular atmosphere of Spain.

The fireworks

Fireworks are a tradition in Spanish’s’ celebrations. You won’t have problem to organise your personal pyrotechnic display to light up the sky on your wedding day.

The perfect Honeymoon destination

Beaches, sun, landscape make Spain perfect for honeymoon.

Why do you need a wedding coordinator in Spain?

Wedding coordinator – is a professional who performs on the “scene” directly on your wedding day. He or she cares about agenda designed by wedding planner, watches out of all details and makes the celebration process perfect from the very beginning of the day till the time of last guest’s departure.

One important point: the wedding coordinator in Spain – it is all above plus a translator. This is a person who can help the bride and her guests at any time, communicates with local staff and resolves any misunderstandings and problems. Here in Spain, coordinator must speak not only English or Spanish, but often local language Catalan. I can say without any doubts: me and my team speak perfectly all these languages!

Wedding Coordinator tracks all the steps according the event timing and makes everything in time. Also he or she is responsible for the well-coordinated and efficient work of hired professionals – make-up artists, photographers, musicians, florists, etc. Coordinator remembers what time artists or photographer should arrive, who keeps the rings at the ceremony and what to do if the rain starts or  bride’s heel is broken.

And – yes, a good coordinator in Spain – this is a special kind of fairy, who is always in the right time in the right place and resolves all the problems. For example, coordinator’s purse is full of completely unexpected, but necessary at the moment things. Threads with a needle, pin and hair spray, comfortable shoes for tired legs, a sedative and analgesic medicine, USB flash drive, wet wipes, etc.

Wedding coordinator supervises all the wedding stuff – up to a little piece! The appropriate arrival of  stylists, makeup/hair for a bride, flowers, bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, decor for the ceremony or banquet hall – floral compositions, furniture and accessories. Coordinator guides the transport on wedding day and controls all the movements of the bride and groom and their guests. He or she meets latecomers (or vice versa, early birds) and escorts them to the place of the ceremony.

If you decide to visit the castle or beautiful historic park, the coordinator will make the smooth entrance – here in Spain there are some places which require special or pre-purchased tickets for every guest. And the wedding coordinator will check the photo and video permission and etc. During the dinner coordinator monitors the efficient work of waiters, musicians and other professionals. Also coordinator is the person who pays vendors at the end of the celebration.

To be honest, I believe that the bride’s goal – to enjoy the wedding, wedding coordinator’s goal – to ensure everything makes the bride happy. For my dear clients I prepare a special gift from my heart – if you order a wedding organization in the Natalia Ortiz agency, Big Day’s coordination of any complexity is included in the cost of the wedding!

And of course, Wedding Agency by Natalia Ortiz provides the service of wedding coordination in Spain absolutely to all couples who have planned their wedding in Spain by themselves and who wants to enjoy their beautiful day!