9 reasons to celebrate wedding in the Spanish castle La Baronia

9 reasons to celebrate wedding in the Spanish castle  La Baronia

We will not write that wedding is a special day of your life, for sure you know, otherwise you would not have come to our page. We will not write that Spain is a fascinating  country to celebrate the birth of your family. Mostly you wonder, “Where to celebrate a wedding in Spain?” And the point of this article is to save your time on looking for “the same” location.

We found 9 reasons to choose La Baronia Castle as the venue for your wedding:

  1. Celebrate your wedding in a place with history

La Baronia Castle isn’t not a decoration, hastily built a couple of years ago to serve as a beautiful backdrop. This castle stands for centuries, earlier there was a farm until the Spanish tycoon Francisco Trikset has not decided to place a family residence here. By the way, the project has created by pupil of the great Gaudi!

During the Civil War in the 30s the castle was served as a hospital for the wounded, it was badly damaged during the war and after all carefully restored by Trikset family. Since 1994 the grandson of Francisco Trikset unlocked castle for tourists, so today we can offer you this location for the most important day.

  1. Wedding flows smoothly into a honeymoon in the castle of La Baronia


After typical wedding newlyweds leave for a honeymoon. If you celebrate the wedding in a castle, your honeymoon will start next morning. You do not need to go far, because Barcelona is a 40-minute drive from La Baronia. And you will have an unforgettable honeymoon in Spain without any flights , jet lag and extra fees.

  1. The sea is under your feet.

Who can refuse to have a morning photo shoot in a beautiful dress at the sea?
Just imagine: you are in beautiful locations at the sea, having a sweetheart photoshoot, and you celebrate a wedding in a castle in the evening. In La Baronia such dream can be easily transform to reality, and you do not have to go anywhere!

  1. You choose professionals for your wedding.

No one will force you to hire a florist or decorator assigned to a castle,because they simply do not exist! You will be able to choose any specialist you trust or take an advantage of our recommendations.

  1. Outdoor terrace and chill-out area by the pool.

It’s enough locations for a pleasant stay for you and your guests in the castle. For example, you can put a wedding arch or altar at the outdoor terrace and celebrate the union of two hearts ynder the sky. And then move into the inner space of the castle to enjoy a feast and dance with the Spanish guitar. Late evening you can spend in a relaxed chill out by the pool area or go down to the sea and meet the sunset together.

  1. Wedding morning in this castle.

We offer a beautiful suit for newlyweds. You will wake up and feel like a real princess in the castle. You don’t need to go anywhere! Simply you have a castle for weekend with all-inclusive services.

  1. The castle will belong only to you on wedding day.

We guarantee you, La Boronia castle doesn’t hold two weddings per one day, so do not worry that you have to cross to the other bride or share location for the photo. You rent the entire castle completely for yourselves and no one will disturb your holiday. You manage the locations as you want!

  1. An unforgettable wedding night.In the castle there is only one room suite for newlyweds, and all your guests will be comfortably accommodated in hotels nearby. Just imagine the entire castle is at your disposal for all night!
  1. Authentic photo location directly in the castle.

For the sake of beautiful photos you don’t need to go anywhere. Castle is the entire photo zone: here you can find the sea and the beautiful nature, and an outdoor terrace, and a stone cliff, overgrown with greenery castle walls. We care for our brides and grooms, so we do not offer a wedding package in the format of “all inclusive” and we discuss each project individually to make this important day truly special and unique.

We speak the same language and we take care of all the headaches of your wedding organization. We know the mentality and specialties of local vendors, so we can offer the best conditions and services and we eliminate the possible problems.

Start your family history at this special place that will remain forever in the memory!

Still have questions? Ask a free consultation and we will tell you how your dream can be!
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A wedding on a coast in Spain.

Spain is a perfect country for a wedding on a beach. Why? Because? There is a long coast and variety type of beach. It is sandy, stony, rocky and, even, black and others.

If you solve hold a wedding on a beach that you need to use our advices.

So, it is necessary to consider time of holding a wedding. Of course, it is better to plan such wedding in the summer and, nevertheless, it is possible to consider months from May to September optimum season. This is favorable season, when the easy breeze and a sea breeze soften a hot heat.

Warn guests that the wedding will take place on the beach. They will be able correctly to be prepared for your wedding. It is unlikely to ladies on hairpins and to men in black suits it will be comfortable to spend the whole day on sand and on a heat.


Choose a color scheme when you will be to plan a decor. Every year we have the new actual wedding tendencies. What is a tendencies in 2017 year you may looking for in our article “Wedding tendencies in 2017”.

If you plan to carry out on the beach not only a wedding ceremony, but also a banquet, then think over what dishes will be better to be included in the menu. Lack of perishable goods, hard alcoholic drinks and difficult dishes has to be an indispensable condition for the menu. The optimal solution will be to organize a buffet reception in the form of a buffet with light meals and “tropical” bar with nonalcoholic and low alcohol cocktails.

One more important council which can be given for the organization of a wedding at the sea is time for a photoshoot. Optimum time 90 minutes before a sunset are considered.


The choice of clothes for the groom and the bride and guests. At the choice of dresses give preference to light bright dresses and sundresses for women and to light thin trousers and shirts for men.

The anniversary in Spain.

Spain is popular place for celebrate a variety holidays in a modern world. Of cause, it seems a very difficult task, if you want to organize a holiday yourself. We recommend address to planner of event.

The planner will make all for you. You need to determine follow things:

  1.    To define a format of event. It will be a family supper nearly a closer friends and relatives or it will be a grandiose event with variety show and special effects.   
  2.    To define with a number of guests and budget for event. It helps to planner to determine a frame of available services.
  3.    To choose a platform for celebrate. May be you know, what is a place do you need or you need it help in this question. Anyway, the planner helps to you an advice with place.
  4.    What are your wishes in design and décor? What is a style do you want? The planner helps you to define with color scheme, registration by floristic and interior décor.
  5.    And remember, that you need any documents for visit Spain: an international passport and visas.

There are many platforms for events in Spain: this cafe and restaurants, beaches and yachts, even locks – it is possible to choose any place!

We want to pay attention to one of such places. The Buen Amor lock offers the widest range of services: holding weddings, the celebration of different celebrations, corporate actions, hotel, driving on vintage cars, and an excursion on vineyards with wine tasting, ride. In the lock several halls, halls are located, it is a lot of platforms in gardens therefore the choice of the place for celebration isn’t limited.

Tendencies of wedding design in 2017.

Every year the wedding tendencies change. And 2017 year is no exception. You need to follow to simply advice that will be in trend.  We will be enjoying telling about it.  

The most popular tendency in organization wedding is chamber holiday, when a guest of celebrate are close friends and relatives (no more 40 person). You have a possible to care attention every person on your wedding.

Classical scenario of a wedding is visiting the several places in day of wedding: hotel, registry office, place for photoshoot and place for banquet. It takes away a lot of time and forces. The modern tendencies are offering to choice only one platform for all your wedding. It’s allow to concentrate on only celebrate and to enjoy communication with close people.

Your wedding will be cozier, if to use one table for seating guest. It was look like on family supper.

In wedding décor you may combine variety conceptions or to add in certainly style the unexpected details: metallic, geometry, the loft, modernist style, eclecticism, unusual solutions of wedding dresses of the groom and bride – now it at the peak of popularity.

Wedding in an abroad is popular throat just married, because, you can combine a travel, a wedding and honeymoon in one place.

In present time we use modern technologies very wide. Its social networks, internet, variety gadgetries and wedding don’t stand aside. You can use it for electronic wedding invitation, for example.

In colors for wedding we have a wide choice: pastel tone, bright tropical paints, nacreous gloss, gold and silver, and also juicy green and blue. It is possible to combine safely among themselves different color schemes.

In wedding registration it is possible to use still urgent floristic, with use of handmade. The main unexpectedness of 2017 is the Russian style in registration of wedding or rural motives.

The castle for Cinderella or The Alcazar of Segovia.

In a first, castle Alkazar was as fortress, but in future time was royal palace, state prison, royal artillery academy. In all time, this castle has many reorganizations and present time it is the one demanded sight from castle of Spain.

The beautiful landscapes are attraction nothing tourists, but cinema production. So, the famous   Walt Disney was inspired to create a castle for Cinderella.

We can note, that Alkazar is not only a beautiful castle, but it’s important strategic fort of Spain. It is reliable shelter and one of the most unapproachable forts. There are underground labyrinths in Alkazar, through which it connect with other palace.

For visitors castle was cooked a museum with eleven halls, when you can see unique exhibits and touch a history: ancient furniture, interiors of various time, collection of an armor, ancient weapon, portraits of the Spanish kings, and also stained-glass windows and pictures. Also, in museum you can see a chapel, when king of Spain Philip II was get married on Anna Avstriyskaya.

If you dream about fairytale photoshoot, that Alkazar is the best place for it. A many backgrounds and halls of castle allow to do variety photo and to get a fantastic photoshoot.

The famous gardens of castel Alkazar don’t leave indifferent nobody. Its territory is 55000 m2. This garden in east colour is consist of palm trees and cypresses, lemon and orange trees, blossom motley beds here, and between artificial ponds and fountains there are statues of all Spanish kings and queens whose leg at least once crossed a palace threshold.

And, if you going to Spain and would like a lot of beautiful photo on a memory, that go to Alkazar. It will be mini-adventure in history with many emotions!


How choice wedding planner in abroad?

You decide to play wedding an abroad, defined with place for celebrate and now you can choice person, who will help you or organize wedding in country of your dreams.

The mast right and simply conclusion for faultless wedding will be to invite a wedding planner. And now, we talk about, how doesn’t mistaken with choice of wedding planner.

If you open an internet, you see many announcements and link to page of variety planners. You can mistake with choice from such variety.

So, what could you pay attention for choice of planner?

  1. Look the official page of planner in internet. You need to pay attention on design of page. We can understand which planner has a tasty. On this step we learn service and price. The mast high or low price are not right. You need to guide on a middle price.
  1. Read and learn the response. You may find it on official site or read the response in internet, for example, thematic blog. Possible, you find specialist according to the recommendation and this will be the best variant in choice of wedding planner.
  1. To study the portfolio. Every professional planner has a portfolio. The portfolio can talk about: fantasy of planner, testy and style, how planner does his job. You need to specify, has an experience of work in country, when you plan to play a wedding and has a specialist, who speak on local language.
  1. To rate a team. What are specialists have in a team? Then many service planner can suggest, then your preparing for wedding will be simply and economy time and money.
  1. Official service contract. Obliging condition is the official service contract behind planner and customer. You need study this document very good.
  1. Has does planner an office? Isn’t important factor, but planner with office look like more reliable and competent. Plus, it will be your guaranty of saving many.

So, in the conclusion, we can say, that all list of factors are important, but you need guide on you fallings and emotions in conversation with person. Because nobody portfolio don’t change pleasant relation.

How make a wedding in Spain?

Is Spain we can make official and symbolic wedding. For official wedding you need have the one condition: one in a couple is resident of Spain. The symbolic wedding is available for many people. Such wedding don’t differ from official, only it hasn’t validity. But it has many preferences.

The pluses to make symbolic wedding:

  1.       You can to make wedding on any place (in a mountains, on a beach, on a yacht). In different from official wedding, you can to make symbolic wedding on any platforms. It’s more simply for procedure of wedding ceremony.
  2.       Symbolic wedding is relieved from paper efforts. For such wedding you don’t need to collect many documents and translate it on foreign language of country for wedding.
  3.       You can choice a date of wedding, which you want, but not offered by employees of registering bodies. And, you wedding will be then, when you are wanting.
  4.       You haven’t a time slips in a wedding day. When you have official ceremony that shifts on time so, something you won’t be in time up to the end or at all won’t make in the wedding day. Symbolic wedding will be on your plan and the probability of temporary slips is minimum.
  5.       You will save on a tax and a duty for registration of a wedding. Though it is a trifle, and it is pleasant!

It was pluses of symbolic wedding in Spain. Further we will tell you about two interesting places in which it is possible to hold a wedding in Spain.

One is some place be castle Buen Amor. It’s a wonderful and universal place. In this castle you can make wedding ceremony, banquet and stay in a hotel on all time of wedding.  The lock open spaces are allowed to choice place for ceremony, banquet: it may be one of lock halls or open platform: Buen Amor has comfortable rooms such just married, such guests.  

Also, we know one a fairytale place, its castle La Baronia. In this place you are touch to centenary history. Its elegant walls of modernist style era to give a refined charm to your wedding. Highlight of this place is sea at a foot La Baronia.


5 the best castle in Spain, which necessary to look, if you go to Spain.

The hot Spain is not only many colors and gothic basilicas, but it’s medieval castles. And, if you go to Spain, you need to add 5 the best castles of Spain in your list of sights.

So, castle Loarre is open our list of the best castles in Spain. This castle is a sight in square. It’s the oldest castle of Spain and its landscape used by Riddle Scott in his film “Kingdom of Heaven”. A territory of castle is 172 meters in diameter and consist church San-Pedro, old prison and gateway. It’s cool place for photoshoot.

There is castle Belmonte in picturesque place. The wheat field and blue sky are surrounding it. This castle had kept its original state. Belmonte used by modern world: there is Medieval combative World Cup; the vaults and cellars are use for cinema, for example, such film as “Juana la Loca” by Vicente Aranda or “Flesh+Blood” by Paul Verhoeven. Besides, we can use the castle how place for photoshoot, for wedding or anniversary banquet.

If you love the dramatized show, then the following lock to you it will be pleasant.  There is Castillo Almodovar-del-Rio on a top of hill nearly Almodovar-del-Rio town. It’s amazing place with towers and inside yard. There is interest excursion and evening show, which name is @The Black Moon”.

Alkasar in Segovia. This castle was inspired Yalta Disney to create the castle for Cinderella. Many towers this castle don’t stay indifferent nobody. If you want a photoshoot in this place, it will be fairytale.

In the end, we would like to say about castle Olite. It was be royal castle and it interesting nothing own gardens, landscape, but it interesting opportunity to have a night in the castle, because there is Parador Hotel.

It was 5 the best castle in Spain. Of cause, it’s not all castle in Spain, but, if you will see this some small part, you will open other Spain for you.

How to organize a wedding an abroad?

It seems very difficult task, especially, when it’s your first wedding and it will be in unknowing country. Very sensitive ladies may be to pass, but don’t worry! We haven’t impossible in our world and such big and difficult task we will be solve on a little pieces. And we make a plan for successful wedding in abroad.

Of cause, you can take a help of weddings organization, but if you wont to plunge in atmosphere of cooking to wedding, you need to use a simply plan.

In begin, you need to defined, in which a style will be your wedding. It’s very important, because it help us to choose a place for wedding ceremony. You agree with me, that wedding in Hawaiian style is not possible in Germany.

Also, you need decided about your budget for wedding. What is will be wedding? Its may be small wedding or very big, or maybe it is will be small evening. Number of guests is influence on a budget. The optimal variant of guests is only close friends and relatives.

In organization wedding an abroad, we have a one an important moment. You need influence, which you need: symbolic or official? The easiest wedding an abroad is symbolic.

Preparation to wedding could begin until 6 mounts before a choice date. When you make previously stapes, you need think about place for wedding ceremony and celebrate. Important know, that not all places you can use for ceremony without agreement with administration, therefore it will be better, if you choice a place without such problems. You can use a territory of restaurant, for example.

The next step of plan it a transport and transfer. You need booking a ticket on airplane and think about other transfer from airport to hotel and other place in weddings day. For example, you can rent a car or bus.

Also, you could care about place of living for you and your guests. If you have many guests, you can book all hostel, for example.

Still you could include such costs, as food, photographer, stylist and décor of place for wedding ceremony.

It was our a little advice, how to organize a wedding an abroad yourself. And, if you still want a wedding an abroad, that we wish you good luck and believe, that you do it!

Why do you need a wedding coordinator in Spain?

Wedding coordinator – is a professional who performs on the “scene” directly on your wedding day. He or she cares about agenda designed by wedding planner, watches out of all details and makes the celebration process perfect from the very beginning of the day till the time of last guest’s departure.

One important point: the wedding coordinator in Spain – it is all above plus a translator. This is a person who can help the bride and her guests at any time, communicates with local staff and resolves any misunderstandings and problems. Here in Spain, coordinator must speak not only English or Spanish, but often local language Catalan. I can say without any doubts: me and my team speak perfectly all these languages!

Wedding Coordinator tracks all the steps according the event timing and makes everything in time. Also he or she is responsible for the well-coordinated and efficient work of hired professionals – make-up artists, photographers, musicians, florists, etc. Coordinator remembers what time artists or photographer should arrive, who keeps the rings at the ceremony and what to do if the rain starts or  bride’s heel is broken.

And – yes, a good coordinator in Spain – this is a special kind of fairy, who is always in the right time in the right place and resolves all the problems. For example, coordinator’s purse is full of completely unexpected, but necessary at the moment things. Threads with a needle, pin and hair spray, comfortable shoes for tired legs, a sedative and analgesic medicine, USB flash drive, wet wipes, etc.

Wedding coordinator supervises all the wedding stuff – up to a little piece! The appropriate arrival of  stylists, makeup/hair for a bride, flowers, bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, decor for the ceremony or banquet hall – floral compositions, furniture and accessories. Coordinator guides the transport on wedding day and controls all the movements of the bride and groom and their guests. He or she meets latecomers (or vice versa, early birds) and escorts them to the place of the ceremony.

If you decide to visit the castle or beautiful historic park, the coordinator will make the smooth entrance – here in Spain there are some places which require special or pre-purchased tickets for every guest. And the wedding coordinator will check the photo and video permission and etc. During the dinner coordinator monitors the efficient work of waiters, musicians and other professionals. Also coordinator is the person who pays vendors at the end of the celebration.

To be honest, I believe that the bride’s goal – to enjoy the wedding, wedding coordinator’s goal – to ensure everything makes the bride happy. For my dear clients I prepare a special gift from my heart – if you order a wedding organization in the Natalia Ortiz agency, Big Day’s coordination of any complexity is included in the cost of the wedding!

And of course, Wedding Agency by Natalia Ortiz provides the service of wedding coordination in Spain absolutely to all couples who have planned their wedding in Spain by themselves and who wants to enjoy their beautiful day!