Find the wedding venue of your dreams in Spain

One of the concerns that torments the bride and groom in the first stages of their wedding organisation, is to find the perfect wedding venue. Organizing a wedding in Spain means having a wide range of possibilities in terms of exclusive and original places to choose from, since in this country there are many kinds of extraordinary venue, that will adapt to your needs. This point can be a great advantage but it also makes it difficult to choose or at least, to reduce your choices to a few. It’s so hard to choose!

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas
Photography: Tanya Vasiliuk / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

At Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we offer you the possibility to help you with this search and make this process extremely easy for you to enjoy the preparations and the choice of venue. Before explaining what this service consists of, the first thing that you establish is a basic criteria to begin with the search for the wedding venue of your dreams, according to:

  • Number of guests
  • Time of the year in which the wedding is celebrated. Some venues have areas of garden which can be used in the colder months, but others are only available in spring and summer.
  • Style: medieval, industrial, vintage, romantic etc …
  • Location. If you have a favorite place or area in Spain to celebrate your wedding, it will always be better to start the search there.
Wedding in San Sebastián
Photography: Buenas Photos / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

Once you have these criteria a little more defined (do not worry, there can always be modifications or new requests), we start the process, through which our agency will help you with everything you need to choose the perfect wedding venue. 

Wedding venue in Spain
Photography:Buenas Photos / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

Here we detail how this service would work:

  • In our first meeting, we will talk about your tastes and establish the criteria that we have discussed previously. If you still do not have them completely defined, we will help and advise you.
  • Later and after a selection process of exclusive places, we will present a list of the venues for weddings that best suit your needs and the style you are looking for.
  • After your review, we will organize a visit to the different venues you choose, in which a multi-lingual coordinator of the Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz team will accompany you at all times and will help you with:
    • The most technical vision of the space, seeing the different possibilities that exist to adapt it to your wedding. For example, something like plug sockets if you want outside lighting for an outdoor banquet.
    • The communication with the coordinator of the location, since she can translate everything that she tells you about the place, budgets, menus, etc.
    • She will advise you on the best corners and options to organize different scenarios depending on the facilities
Bridal morning in Madrid
Organization: Natalia Ortiz

If after you visit and the choose the place you are interested in alongside our wedding planner services, this search process for the venue will have no cost. If not, we would end our service here and the agreed amount would be paid.

In Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we love being able to accompany the couple who decide to celebrate their destination wedding in Spain, as we know the most exclusive venues well here. Our goal is to create the wedding of your dreams and provide immense peace of mind throughout the process. If you want to celebrate a wedding in Spain, here you can check out all our services or write to We wait for you!

10 reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner

Have you just got engaged and you have all the preparations ahead of you? Have you started the preparations and are lost between formalities? Do you need someone to take control of the organisation of this special day so you can enjoy it to the maximum? The solution is clear : you need a wedding planner in your life.

If you are still unsure about the importance of this type of professional for the organisation of your wedding, in this post we explain the advantages to hire a wedding planner. Let’s do it !

She will be the figure who will coordinate your wedding

A wedding preparation is exciting and wonderful, but it can be sometimes intense and frustrating if you are not going in the right direction. It is about coordinating lots of details, bills, documents and providers, and it is hard to keep everything in mind without forgetting anything. Because for sure, in addition to the organisation of the wedding, you will have to work, organise your day to day life and do a thousand things at the same time.

Nevertheless, a wedding planner is a professional dedicated to the organisation, who keeps in mind everything about the big day and every detail of the wedding to make sure it goes perfectly.

Elopement in lavender field
Álvaro and Lucía elopement. Photography: Buenas Photos
She will eliminate the stress

Precisely for your peace of mind, having someone as a figure who knows everything about about your wedding will automatically eliminate any stress and you will be able to enjoy preparations without this tension that can be overwhelming.

She will be by your side during the whole process

A lot of couples have doubts about what a wedding planner really does and it is totally understandable, as some figures of this sector call themselves “general” wedding planners. In the post called differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, we explain in detail the differences between those two professionals in the wedding world.

One of the differences is that a wedding planner will be by your side during the entire process of preparations and during the wedding, she will be with with you from the beginning until the end, from when the bride is getting ready to when the last guest is leaving. She will always keep you calm.

Wedding planner
Natalia Ortiz helping the bride to get ready. Photography: Patricia Knabe
She will make sure you save money and time

This point might be the most surprising and attractive. You may think : how will I save money if I have to hire her and pay her fees? Here is the explication. A wedding planner will get you the best professionals at the lowest price, and then will make sure you have excellent quality in everything you are asking for without exceeding this price.

Keep in mind that she has years of experience and more connections in the bridal world that make her able to get the best at the best price.

With you, your guests will be her priority

The main concern of every couple is that their guests feel comfortable and enjoy the whole celebration. But being with them at the same time as organising your wedding and enjoying it sometimes is impossible. But rest assured, for a wedding planner your guests are the most important along with you. She will look for the best accommodation if they come from abroad, make a welcome kit with all the information they need, organise activities for the days before and after the wedding and ensure that, at all times, they feel comfortable and integrated. This is especially important in a destination wedding or a mixed wedding, where there are guests who come from abroad and who sometimes do not speak the same language.

Your wedding planner will make sure that communication flows, that the master of ceremony is bilingual if you want it that way, and that everything goes smoothly.

Wedding in Valencia
Anastasia and Richard wedding. Photography: Buenas Photos
Choosing the best professionals

She has been in the business for years and has all kinds of contacts and relations. Experience gives you resources to know how to recognise the best professionals and not only for their results but also for being efficient during the all process, the day of wedding and the months before. She will advise you about the best photographers, florists, designers… and always according to your style.

She will keep you aware of new trends

Despite knowing everything about planning, a wedding planner is also someone who keeps up to date with new trends. Maybe you cannot choose something about the decor, doubtful about the style you like, … but a wedding planner will make sure that your wedding has the style you are looking for and will show you every possibility.

Wedding beach ceremony in Alicante
Decoration of Myriam and Hedger wedding style shoot. Photography: Hanna Baranava
She will come up with solutions

Problems always happen to a greater or lesser extent, but what you need for this moment of stress and tension are solutions. This is where your wedding planner comes in. It is possible that you will never know about an “incident” that showed up during the process, since this professional will fix it for you before you even know about it, as your only goal is to enjoy this time and relax.

Even though for her your wedding is the most important thing in the world, she is someone who is not part of the family and that can take decisions and propose ideas with more distance, without being overwhelmed by stress and emotion. However we can assure you that after the wedding, she will part of your family.

She will respect your budget

A less attractive point but still very important : the budget. A wedding planner will strictly adhere to the budget of the wedding, so that it will not be exceeded at any time, knowing where to allocate more or less  budget and leaving part of it for possible unforeseen problems that may arise. She will not leave anything to chance and she will have everything measured.

Furthermore, the issue of bills, times, deadlines … everything, she will take care of it and will be in charge of notifying you when you have to make some payment so that you are never left in the dark.

Wedding in Tenerife
Anita and Alexey wedding ceremony in Tenerife. Photography: Kseniya Bunets
Complete trust

The most important of all, and this is why we leave it until the end, is that having a trustful person to organise the happiest day of your life Is priceless. You will see how, as soon as you sit down to talk about the wedding of your dreams, she will immediately get down to work to make it happen.

And there are 10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner, that will watch over you and will allow you to enjoy your celebration. If you want to delve deeper into understanding the role of a wedding planner, we can explain everything to you in detail.

We wait for you at, to solve your doubts. We do not enjoy anything more than making your dreams come true!

Practical guide: how to organize a wedding in Mallorca

Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearics and one of the most beautiful spots in Spain, which is why a lot of couples want to have their wedding there. If you are starting the organisation of yours, you should read this post. Together, we will review step by step how to organise a wonderful wedding in Mallorca, like you have always dreamed of.

wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Vivid Symphony

First things first, let’s see the advantages and reasons to get married in Mallorca :

  • The climate. This island has pleasant weather all year round, with high temperatures in summer and moderate temperatures in winter. Perfect to celebrate an outdoor wedding, or at least part of it.
  • Dream venues. No matter if you want to celebrate your wedding on an amazing beach or in a hotel with views, in Mallorca you will find what you’re looking for. The island offers lots of sites with charm to celebrate the most important day of your life.
  • Communication. It has the third largest airport of the country regarding passengers traffic which is connected to the most important cities in Spain and with others worldwide.
  • Excursions. If you are organising a destination wedding, for the days prior to as well as for the days after the wedding, you should plan excursions or experiences for your guests. There is no problem for that in Mallorca as there are a lot of possibilities, such as exploring the island, its landscapes and its beaches. It is a magical place !
  • Food. Another plus of Mallorca is that the island offers delicious , typically mediterranean food.

After reviewing the most interesting aspects, we are going to have a look step by step on how to organise your wedding in Mallorca and achieve everything you have always wanted for your big day.

Choose the best part of the year

Like we said before, Mallorca has an excellent climate almost all year round, but, to celebrate a sunny wedding, we should not let ourselves be overwhelmed. During summer months, it is possible that it is too hot and we do not want you to not enjoy your day. Then, what do you think about May, September or October?

Another point to take into account is that lots of venues only open from May to October.

Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Sandra Mañas García
Choose the type of wedding you want
  • Beach wedding :
    If you are dreaming of a beach wedding, Mallorca will not disappoint you. It has absolutely spectacular beaches, with clear water, rocks and nature. It is a paradise. However, you can not forget to ask for the necessary permits to get married on the beach, as you will have to do different formalities depending if it is public or private.
Wedding in Mallorca
The wedding of Dmitry and Aurike that we organized on a private beach. Photography: Sandra Mañas García
  • Wedding in an exclusive venue
  • In Mallorca, not only the beaches are special places to celebrate your wedding. The island has wonderful hotels and exclusive spaces, charming salons and everything necessary to organise a wedding according to your tastes and the number of guests.
wedding mallorca
One of our most beautiful projects, in a heavenly place in Mallorca. Photography: Vivid Symphony
  • Religious wedding
    In Mallorca, the spectacular Church Nueva Son Servera is located, where you can have a wonderful religious ceremony under this wonderful architecture. It is a project of which Joan Rubio Bellver was in charge, collaborator of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, and , even though it is not finished, it has a unique charm as it it an open church.
Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Ana Patlis
Hire a Wedding Planner

Precisely for things like the previous point and the procedures to choose the best place to celebrate your union, it is essential to have a wedding planner to organize a destination wedding in Mallorca that meets the following requirements:

  • She has to be located in the country where the wedding is celebrated
  • She has to know the best venues and professionals of the industry in Mallorca to offer you a range of possibilities
  • She has to know everything about the paperwork necessary to get married on a beach or another place
  • Finally, she has to be a professional that brings you tranquility for this special day

If you are thinking about celebrating a wedding Mallorca, feel free to check out how we could help you with :

  • Legal requirements
  • Choosing the best professionals : photographer, decor, banquet venue, invitations, housing, transportation,…
  • Plan the days before and after the wedding
  • Everything else you need for your big day to be a hit

More information about our services >

Wedding in Mallorca
One of the incredible wedding photographs of Dmitry and Aurike on the beach. Photography: Sandra Mañas García
Book the best housing

Whether you are celebrating your wedding on the beach or in a hotel or a wedding venue, you will need accommodation for your guests who are coming from far away and who will stay at least a few days on the island. This is not a problem, since Mallorca is a place used to tourism and has different types of accommodation, from hotels to private villas. However, it is very important to book accommodation in advance so that there are no surprises and you can choose the accommodation that suits you best depending on capacity, budget, location and style. Having a wedding planner will allow you to save hours of research and she will offer you the best accommodation option at the best price.

Give your guests indications

If you are getting married in a foreign country, furthermore, an island it is fundamental that you give the information necessary to your guests so that the trip will be the easiest possible. Lots of them will have to take 2 flights, one on the peninsula and the other to the island, to arrive. It is possible that it will not be such a famous place like Madrid or Barcelona, therefore we advise you to create a small dossier so that they can have all the information about accommodation, transportation from the airport, climate, etc.

Photography: Vivid Symphony
Touches of mediterranean decoration

And finally we are going to a more beautiful subject, which you will enjoy: the decoration. Although each couple must choose the decoration and style of the wedding that they like the most, celebrating your wedding in Mallorca will likely encourage you to opt for a style more inspired by the sea and the sun. It does not have to be a wedding on the beach with Ibiza style, but some Mediterranean-inspired touches will be ideal. Like this table that we decorated for the wedding of Dmitry and Aurike, with a nice cage with candles and shells, blue glassware and a beautiful white tablecloth, very bright:

Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Sandra Mañas García

Do you want to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca? Following this practical guide and having the help of a wedding planner who knows everything about the island, will make your wedding a hit.

If you have any doubt or if you want to know more about how to celebrate a wedding in Mallorca, contact us at . We would love to help you organise it !

A fairytale wedding in La Quinta de Illescas

La Quinta de Illescas is a wonderful venue for weddings, located in Toledo, 30 km away from Madrid. There, we carried out this project with an exceptional team, and the result has exceeded our expectations (which were really high). We present you below this romantic wedding in La Quinta de Illescas, of those two lovebirds whose chemistry is seen in all the photographs.

The bride wore an elegant and delicate dress from Laura Lomas, with long sleeves and lace cuffs, and a breathtaking back. Her hairstyle was one of the hits of the look : a side ponytail which fitted perfectly with the dress. As for make up, Almy chose an intense look and nude lips. The big green and white bouquet was the perfect complement for this beautiful bride. The groom was not left behind, and looked very elegant in a dark suit and white shirt. The harmony of their looks was perfect!

The ceremony took place in one of the crystal rooms of the venue, through wich a lot of light entered. Diana decorated the place with beautiful flowers along the aisle and on the altar. It was a very peaceful and romantic place.

After the ceremony, we moved to one of the great halls of La Quinta de Illescas, perfect for celebrating a great banquet. Everything was decorated with the wedding tones, in black and white, with flowers as a centerpiece that illuminated the room.

The couple could take pictures in different places of this bucolic space, surrounded by gardens of different styles. In the decoration, green and white predominated, whether in the flowers or in the pretty candles the decorated the stairs. We leave you with the result of this magical wedding in La Quinta de Illescas!

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in La Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in La Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas


Fotographer: Tanya Vasiliuk
Organisation: Natalia Ortiz
Decoration: Diana Moreda
Flowers: L’Atelier de las Flores
Dress: Laura Lomas
MUAH: Almy Make Up

Unforgettable elopement in Barcelona

May 2018, Girona. We entered the magical Monestir de Sant Salvi, a stone building with arches, dream stairs and a chapel with a beautiful medieval and romantic atmosphere.

Below is a project that we prepared with great enthusiasm and we fell in love with the result. If you are thinking of celebrating a wedding in Girona, you can not miss the beautiful location in which we recreated the happiest day for this romantic couple.

The bride wore a wonderful sleeveless dress with a v-neckline, with sparkles and a set of transparencies, and a tulle overskirt that gave her movement. For the hairstyle, she wore a flat low side ponytail and for the  bouquet, a composition in white, green and intense red. Meanwhile, the groom was waiting for her in a dark suit and tie, very elegant.

The ceremony was decorated in an absolutely charming area, with huge ceilings and wooden beams. We placed a beautiful altar built with an iron structure and a lot of green. To give it a warmer touch, we chose still lifes with white candles of different sizes that gave a spectacular dim light.

You can admire the beautiful post-ceremony photos of the couple in this monastery and the landscape that surrounds it. Angelina wore a second dress with long sleeves and transparencies, with a very vintage touch. We are left with the wonderful images on the patio staircase, which was decorated with vine and white flowers. We couldn’t like the result more.

And you, would you like to celebrate your wedding in Girona in a monastery as magical as this? This is a location with a great personality, in which it seems that you enter another era. In addition, the climate of this area of ​​Spain at this time of year is very pleasant, perfect to celebrate a wedding. We leave you with the beautiful images of this project:

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona
Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona

Wedding in Girona Wedding in Girona Credits

Photography: Aljosa Petric
Video: Francesc Egido
Organization: Natalia Ortiz
Coordinadora: Oksana Zharkova
Flowers: Raquel Abèlia i mel
Gown Paola Carolina
Stylish: Jennifer García Moreno
Invitations: Albina Calligraphy
Couple: Angelina and Sergei

5 reasons to celebrate your wedding in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain, and is the preferred touristic destination of a lot of foreigners who wish to visit the country. It is a unique place with the magic of an urban area and the peacefulness of the coast.

If you are thinking about celebrating your wedding in Barcelona, here are 5 reasons that will convince you :

  1. The city has emblematic buildings and world-famous architecture thanks to the prestigious architect Antoni Gaudí.  
  2. Celebrating a wedding in the centre of a city facilitates  transportation and accommodation for guests.
  3. If you are celebrating your wedding at the weekend or any other day, in Barcelona you will always find lots of activities, such as a boat ride on the Mediterranean Sea, visits to spectacular buildings like the Sagrada Familia, or just walking around the magic streets of the city. You will not be disappointed.
  4. It has an airport nearby, with lots of connections with foreign countries and with Spain itself, which is perfect if you wish to visit other areas of the country.
  5. It has a lot of unique and beautiful venues to host exceptional weddings and events. One of them is Casa de la Seda, which we show you incredible photos of below, in a nuptial style that you will fall in love with.

Casa de la Seda was once a guild house, and has more than 300 years of history. Since 1919, it has been considered as an Architectural-artistic monument of national interest. It is a very special place for those who are thinking of holding their wedding in Barcelona.

The work we carried out in Casa de la Seda recreates an intemporal atmosphere, with an elegant bride, in a place that represents history through the masterpieces inside, silk walls and antique furniture. Nature is present with the bride’s impressive bouquet with pink, yellow, violet and garnet tones, and the light that enters through the windows of the emblematic building.

The dress of the bride is simple and classic, but with very special details on the sleeves and neckline. A relaxed hairstyle with a braid and very natural makeup were the perfect combination for this bridal look.

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona Wedding in Barcelona

Wedding in Barcelona

First steps to organise a destination wedding

After the excitement of the proposal, it is time to start the preparations for the wedding, and we know that sometimes this can be overwhelming. There are many decisions to make when organizing a destination wedding, and a long way to go to create the wedding of your dreams.

But the most important thing is not to fall victim to the burden or the nerves, because we can not lose sight of the fact that it will be the most special day of your lives and you must enjoy the months running up to your wedding. That is why we are going to review the first steps to organize a destination wedding, and they will surely help you to start the process:

Choose the country where the wedding will be celebrated

First and foremost you must decide the country where you want to celebrate your destination wedding. We advise you to decide a place where you have good memories or that you have always wanted to visit, a place with good weather and that can offer you several possibilities to have the wedding of your dreams: if you want a beach wedding, or to get married in a castle, in a field, etc. Many foreign couples decide to celebrate their wedding in Spain thanks to its good climate, the amount of beautiful and historic venues where you can get married, and the delicious cuisine.

Wedding in Alicante

Choose a wedding planner

Once you have chosen the country where the wedding will be celebrated, the next thing we recommend to do is choose a wedding planner, who will be a huge help during the organisation of your wedding, and who will help you achieve everything you desire.

When you have chosen the professional who will organise the wedding, you should provide some information that will be essential to start the coordination of everything. This information should include:

The date

You have to choose a date for your wedding, or at least, an indicative date, to start designing the wedding depending on the time of the year and to reserve the venue.

The sooner you have the date, the more chance there is that you can choose the venue that best suits your needs. In addition, for destination weddings the anticipation is an important point, since both fiancés and guests can plan an unforgettable trip.

The budget

And now we come to one of the less popular, but essential, points for the organisation of your wedding. You must agree on a base budget which your wedding planner can work with. It is important to be realistic and adjust to it so that everything goes smoothly and there are no surprises. Once you give your wedding planner the budget, she will be in charge of getting the best suppliers and preparing the wedding of your dreams in terms of decoration, adjusting the budget, without cutting it. You will know where to allocate each percentage so that your destination wedding is a hit.

If you are struggling to get your head around a budget, we advise you to check our services to help you with this decision.

Wedding in Mallorca

The venue of your dreams

The venue where you will celebrate your wedding is another important decision. You must think about what style of wedding you want, the approximate number of guests that will come and the date, and your wedding planner will propose the best venues for you. You will be statisfied for sure !

If you need more information about the organization of destination weddings, feel free to contact us at

Wedding proposal in Madrid

When Andrey contacted us to arrange his wedding proposal in Madrid, we didn’t hesitated and started to plan this romantic project straight away. He was sure that he wanted to find a unique location, where he wanted to ask his girlfriend the all-important question.

Our Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events’ team set to work and made his dream come true. The location that we chose was the amazing Crystal Palace, situated into the Retiro Park, in Madrid. Andrey preferred an open space and this one was the perfect location for him. It has a small viewpoint on a beautiful lake, with the background of the crystal building which was perfect for this special event.

We put a heart made with candles and rose petals on the floor, near the lake and in front of the palace. Next to this decoration, there was a violinist and a photographer waiting for the couple.

When they appeared, Andrey went into the heart and knelt in front of her and she cried. Her lovely face was a mixture of happiness and surprise, for all the celebration time. With the public, the nice music and the amazing view around them, she said “yes”. We can’t properly explain this moment with words, and so it’s better to show you the amazing photos of this wedding proposal in Madrid. It was a pleasure to plan this especial event. Congratulations on your engagement!

Wedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in MadridWedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid Wedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid

Wedding proposal in Madrid

Photography: Katya Kors
Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz

Differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator

The profession of wedding planning is developing in our society and the couples which choose this service  are increasing too. Even still, a lot of people don’t know what this profession exactly is and ask questions like: What is a wedding planner? What is the benefit of having one? Why is better to negotiate with a wedding planner if the location offers me an event coordinator?

This last question is the point which we will focus on today, as we talk about the differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator.

The latter is often denominated wedding planner and this is the reason why there can be confusion, but their functions are very different:

Wedding planner’s functions

The wedding planner’s role is to organise all of the wedding’s aspects and her ultimate goal is to ensure the happiness of the couple. Her role includes:

  • The general organization, from the very first step of the wedding planning to the end of the wedding.
  • The coordination of all the suppliers involved: make-up artist, stylist, florist, musicians, decorators, etc.
  • During the wedding day, we assist you from the first preparations to the end, when the last guest leaves.
  • They know all the wedding details.
  • They resolve all the problems, in every single moment also during the wedding. Always vigilant and with an ace in the hole.
  • Planning of a wedding timeline, in this way everything will be perfect.
Dedicated event coordinator’ s functions

The coordinator works for the location where you choose to celebrate your wedding, and so who knows all the aspects of that location very well.

  • They are an intermediary between you and the room staff, in order to achieve all of your goals.
  • They assist you during the meal tasting and assure that your choice will be carried out on the day.
  • They coordinate all of the internal aspects of the wedding day.
  • They work out the banquet’s cost (and the cost of the ceremony if you will celebrate it in the location in which they work)
  • They know the different menu options: vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.
  • Are responsible for the perfect coordination of all the aspects during your wedding day.
Wedding planner
Bridal Morning en Madrid

After these clarifications it is easier understand the differences:

Differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator:

  • The dedicated event coordinator shall coordinate all the location planning; the wedding planner is in charge of all the wedding planning from the first moments until the end.
  • The event coordinator is an intermediary between you and the venue staff, but the wedding planner is more than that. For example, if the wedding cake is baked by an external supplier, the wedding planner shall ensure that it will arrive at the right time and place.
  • The event coordinator ensures that we receive the price negotiated, but it is the wedding planner who knows the  global costs and helps you to have the best event without spending all your budget.
  • Generally, the dedicated event coordinator doesn’t escort you during the wedding day (not all the day, at most) because sometimes the venue celebrate more than one event in the same day. The wedding planner will assist you all the time, coordinating and establishing the peace that you need that day.

In short, both are extremely  important for the best wedding, because each one is specialized in a different field and they become complementary for a successful event.

If you want to know more about the wedding planner’s services and functions, please enter this page or send us a message to