Summer weddings are, to be honest, my favorites. Not just because of warm and welcoming weather, but because of the fact that those exciting and incredible feelings and emotions transfer to all of the people that take part in summer magic rituals. Yes, it is magic; it is summer wedding in Spain saturated with sunlight.


Our couple of future spouses Julia and Santiago chose the most comfortable Spanish town Toledo for their wedding ceremony. The pre-history of their love story begins this way: “it was exactly Spain that made our meeting and love possible” – says the couple.


Selection of reception venue for the wedding was made according to tastes of the spouses. After watching the most fashionable and magical venues all around Spain, Julia and Santiago made an interesting choice – the elegant hotel “Valdepalacios”, which grabs your attention right away.


In order to weave romantic touch into the furnishings, banqueting table was decorated with sense of delicate and pure hint of ancient times, by that I mean all the details that made this wedding so exciting for us to prepare: transparent candlesticks with small aroma-candles, postcards and wedding invitations with symbols of two countries, archway, bouquets of fresh flowers that simply caused feelings of elation, rejoicing and mutual understanding.


To create solid image of the couple our agency requested assistance of Spanish designer LiaSiro. Our fairy the bride was given an airy dress with white-cream bodice and light beige bottom, and the groom looked handsome in his classic pantsuit. And the venue logically added up to the wholesome picture.


The wedding was decorated in rustic style with traditional elements of both cultures. Our designers have created a beautiful logo for this wedding with leaves of birch and Cinchona – symbols of Russia and Ecuador.


And we were very pleased to hear such warm words from our couple:” Everything was magically performed, just the way we wanted.”