What else can compare with the feeling of total delight during a celebration in an astonishing spot where once two hearts united into one inseparable and integral soul? Right, nothing, since such a marvelous wedding in Spain once again proved to be an immaculate place for the celebration. A touching story of Denis and Olga can’t help leaving an unforgettable impression, for the place chosen was not a coincidence and has a peculiar sentimental value for them. That was sunny, bright and colorful Spain where this beautiful couple decided to get married after groom’s proposal.


The main castle which emerges and mesmerizes called La Baronia is more than appealing owing to its majesty and ancient walls covered with numerous green and saturated leaves. Its beauty is impossible to ignore in view of its captivating interior and exterior which all together create an appropriate suggestion of antiquity and mystery to a certain extent. No wonder that the couple decided to organize their wedding exactly there – in this historic architectural heritage of Spain. Amazing views of the surrounding nature on the background of the powerful fortress walls provide a magical romantic contrast, allowing to organize a real fairy tale for a couple of the most important unity in their lives.


The bride herself represents the ultimate unity with nature, for every element and infinitesimal detail of her image fully depicts and proves it: the bouquet with multicoloured and fragile flowers, a long and outstanding dress covered with accurate flower pattern, slight and so tender makeup together with sparkling silver earrings – all these elements leave an unforgettable impression on everyone after looking at the photos. What seems to be even more dazzling is the harmony of Denis and Olga. While looking at this couple it becomes more than evident that they are definitely created for each other and further happy life awaits them.


Overall, it is hard to argue with the fact that wedding in one of the most affecting and beautifully modeled by nature countries called Spain inspires greatly, making everyone willing to experience the same. While looking at these photos one can feel like being in a paradise on Earth. The sentient castle which appears to be accumulated and absorbed with the history of old times depicts the whole atmosphere of total delight and enjoyment.



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