Magical wedding in La Cartuja de Ara Christi

Can you imagine your wedding day in a Carthusian monastery? Well, it’s possible or else, what would we tell the couple in today’s article. They celebrated a spectacular wedding in the rooms of Ara Christi.

A Charterhouse built in 1585 by Fray Antonio Ortiz, sent by the Roig family of Valencia and which today has become a majestic Charterhouse. This place is very popular among the couples, who wish to marry, either civil or religious, because among its premises is a church, gardens, cloisters, halls, garden, dance area and stable.

When you celebrate your wedding in the Carthusian Monastery of Ara Christi, just 20 kilometers from Valencia, you will be able to accommodate up to 3,000 people in the garden and up to 500 indoors,

La Cartuja also has the old Casa del Prior, which offers rooms and all accommodation services for the bride, groom and guests.

At the wedding, the gastronomy was Valencian. What is more Valencian than a paella? But don’t panic, because there were also menus for hypertensive people, diabetics, vegans and vegetarians, they even presented the wedding cake!

Also, a very original element were the wedding invitations, as well as the complementary elements, made by María Elena, from Tuinvi, a graphic design studio. They were made of handcrafted and digital techniques such as watercolor, textures and grammages, among others.

The envelopes were red with a white handwriting, a botanical-inspired design with a flower pattern on the inside of the envelope as well as on the top of the invitation, while the bottom was a simple calligraphy.

These invitations were accompanied by complements such as white ribbons, floral seals and tassels on the envelopes, which were closed with white wax, as in the past.

These details were also found on the chairs of the couple, from which they hung a poster with the illustration of the characteristic flower of the invitation, a red tassel, and two white fabric ties.

As for the floral decoration, the touch of color was put by Laura Ris with her artisan flowers that began in 1964, the third generation with 20 years of experience already.

This decoration was made of a great variety of colors and types of flowers in blue, rose, burgundy and dark yellow accompanied by large green leaves.

These same flowers were entangled in large circles of flowers that hung in the air, as well as in the centerpieces of tables and in the bride’s bouquet, whose stems were closed in a wide strip of burgundy color.

Ceibo was the rental company of furniture and all kinds of elements that created the atmosphere, through wooden chairs of different styles, white cushions, different tablecloths between tables, and so on.

The tableware was gold together with glassware and porcelain. From the same gold were the candle holders and lanterns that were arranged by the tables, which were numbered with glass frames with the illustration of the flower that appeared in the invitations, as well as in the napkins.

Valerio Luna was the bridal firm in charge of dressing the bride, a designer who launches a collection dedicated exclusively to women who have dresses full of feelings that tell a story.

Elegance and simplicity in its lines, chantillí, gauze, tules and creps decorated with small applications of rhinestones that decorate the necklines of the back and the openings of the skirts. This is how the dresses of Valerio Luna are composed.

Specifically, our bride wore the CALIFA model, with a deep plunge neckline, crepe close to the silhouette and sleeves finished in ruffles and feathers. If there is an element that stands out above any, it’s the flower formed by petals with crystal’s ornaments crowned on one shoulder.

The back, completely outside, was only formed by a thin row of buttons that was closing the dress. It is worth mentioning the elegant tail finished off with even more flounces.

The makeup and hairstyle of the bride were realized by Chicherka, a makeup artist based in Valence who carried out a semi-collection of waves through all her blond hair, which left some fine loose fringes on both sides of the face.

The makeup was composed of shades of grey and silver with some brightness and smoky eyes with illumination in the corner. The lips, in pink tones, were very natural in order to be able to kiss his fiancé on the big day.

The groom stood out for his elegance and his exclusivity, with a design by Garrido Ceremonia, a firm with more than 50 years of dedication to making suits for the most emblematic and important events in life.

He stood out with a blue navy jacket suit with paisley print, a print of Persian origin which takes the form of a curved tear or a large comma. The lapels of the jacket were in black tone, to set with the pants, which accompanied with a white shirt and a bow tie in the blue navy of the jacket. 

The wedding was planned by Natalia Ortiz, the wedding planner, who didn’t leave any detail in the hands of Ekatarina and her fantastic photographs.

A Wedding Amongst The Orange Trees On The Beautiful Island Of Mallorca

Celebrating a wedding in Mallorca never goes out of fashion, this charming Mediterranean island is one of the most popular destinations for couples to get married, and even more so if it’s at any of the country estates (also called fincas) this island has! 

Yes, you read it right, Mallorca is not only instantly captivating for its landscapes, warm climate and friendly people, but also for its estates made of traditional stones.

That’s why our bride and groom today chose Mallorca and a finca to say “I do”!

Will you join us to find out what this romantic wedding amongst orange trees was like?

The venue: the Binigual estate, an estate like no other.

This estate was chosen by the bride and groom, and it is not just any estate, as this old farmhouse, dedicated to livestock and winegrowing has 14 houses, it’s like a village!

This means that the guests and the couple had an entire village to themselves, surrounded by vines, traditional crops and views of the Tramuntana mountain range!

And for a wedding amongst oranges, the venue chosen for the ceremony couldn’t have been any other than the field full of oranges.  

The mandarins: protagonists of floral decoration

Less isn’t more! The bride’s bouquet was full of orange tree branches, a bunch of very vivid and intense green oval leaves and small mandarins. In addition, the stems were joined together with a white ribbon, giving a very elegant touch.

The bouquets placed as centrepieces were like the bride’s bouquet, but with an added touch: flowers in different shades of orange.

A head table full of colour

Yes, colour was the protagonist, but can you imagine what it could be? Orange… no really!

Along with centrepieces and candelabras with candles, there were two of the big trends of 2021 in decoration: transparent dinnerware with gold and coloured glassware. These glasses were blue and orange, the colours of the Mediterranean!

The big wedding cake full of flavour

Nothing more and nothing less than three layers of pure flavour, where you could obviously find the acidic taste of the famous citrus fruits, no guest can resist the taste of oranges!

Although, for those with less of a sweet tooth, there was also natural fruit, and of course… oranges for everyone!

An elegant, romantic, country bride

The bride chose one dress for the ceremony and another for the reception, bold and daring!

The ceremony dress consisted of a three-quarter length sleeve of plumeti tulle accompanied by lace, a transparency that could also be seen at the waist and chest. The slight train and the entire lower part of the dress was made of chiffon fabric, which gave the bride great freedom of movement and comfort on her most special day. 

For the reception, a more casual dress was chosen. This one was short sleeved, with a back full of lace, transparencies and a skirt with a lot of volume that simulated a petticoat, just as comfortable and light as the first one!

As for the make-up, it was simple, with a predominance of pinkish tones in the shadows as well as on the lips.

As for the hairstyle, the bride opted to leave it loose, but full of waves. As a touch, she wore a thin crown that simulated small green leaves and little mandarins, and just like that… mane to the wind, and to live the moment! But the surprise was when the bride appeared with a big straw wide-brimmed hat, she looked amazing!

For the footwear, the bride insisted it had to be comfortable to last all day, that’s why she opted for a pair of straw wedges that tied to the ankle in white.

A groom who mimics his surroundings

This elegant groom was one who dared to be different, so he rejected the typical navy blue and black and opted for white and cream. 

The choice was a beige suit with a matching bow tie and white shirt, and for the shoes, very comfortable dark brown leather – perfect for a Mediterranean setting!

And let’s not forget about the invitations, place cards and menu! 

No wedding begins until the invitations are handed out, and the ones chosen by this bride and groom were in light tones, such as white and pastel pink, with cursive calligraphy, as were the place cards and the menu, which followed the same pattern.

The touch of colour was added by the painted drawings of oranges that reflected the space and theme of the celebration.

What do you think about having a wedding amongst the oranges on the famous island of Mallorca? If it sounds like your style, don’t hesitate to contact us at Perfect Venue! Why don’t we start right away? 

 We look forward to your visit! 

American people in Mallorca: this is how the wedding went

Long live the Balearic Islands! And we’re not afraid to shout it everywhere, because everyone agrees that these little pieces of land are the ideal destination for destination weddings.

Weddings in Mallorca are trending! 

More and more couples, both international and Spanish, chose Mallorca for their wedding. This place has turned into the favorite place to walk towards the altar, for the magic of the place. 

Why is that? For the island’s climate, the excellent communication, a gastronomy that won’t leave anyone indifferent, the odor of the sea or the views on the mountains. It is an environment with a multitude of paradisiac and original options.

Do you really need anything else? 

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Christina and Clayton, our American couple, had it clear

Mallorca wins records in being one of the most demanded places for foreigners (and even celebrities!) to get married in total intimacy. 

And this is exactly what Christina and Clayton did, set sail for the Mallorcan island with their six guests all the way from the United States to celebrate their intimate wedding and tell themselves “yes I do” with the purest tranquility, peace and comfort.

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

How the wedding went

As everyone already knows, the Mediterranean climate of mallorca is envied by everyone, since it promises great temperatures during any period of the year. 

This was the case for our couple, who had an extremely sunny during which they could walk round without any unpleasant surprises and in total serenity around the island’s cobblestones, go down its stairs, cross its stone arches and reach the altar by walking through a large bright green garden.

Here, their guests were already waiting for them and the ceremony began with incomparable sights on the mountains, among trees and large decorative jars. 

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The decoration, simple and classic

The gardens, with their bright green color were decorated with white flowers along with a few green leaves, which had been placed on large white jars as well as in the bride, Christina,’s bouquet. 

Around the rest of the venue, golden chairs with white cushions and golden lanterns with veils had been placed, whilst live music was played. 

On the tables, cocktails and tapas were present in great quantity. The tables matched the overall style as they were decorated with white tablecloths, golden cutlery and chandeliers. 

The wedding invitations were also in the same style, green leaves drawings on a white background. 

Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz Mallorca wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The couple

Christina took some time to relax before the ceremony as she received all the necessary care to get her ready fo the big moment. 

She was wearing a dress with a heart cleavage, with embroideries and an A-cut, which, with her beautiful silhouette, made her look simply stunning. A very Balearic style. Just like his loose long hair, which provided the freshness that the island conveys. 

The groom went out of the ordinary, with a navy blue jacket-suit which reminded the crystalline waters of the Balearic Islands, put the final touch of elegance. 

The reception’s savors

If there is one gastronomy in this world that is full of colors, savors, creativity as well as being healthy, it is the Spanish gastronomy, and of course, the Mallorcan one. 

And this archipelago has learned how to adapt to the modern area without losing the previous generations’ essence nor its traditional and cultural dishes, which you can still savor today. 

And at our American couple’s wedding didn’t lack of these incomparable dishes. 

Like you have been able to see by yourself, Mallorca offers a plenty of various options for any type of couple: bohemian, classical, rustic, modern and romantic. 

And it is clear that whoever chooses to celebrate their wedding in Mallorca will not regret it, and will keep this day in their memory for ever, both for its importance as for its golden sunset. 

Elegant wedding with charm and essence in Fábrica de Tapices

There are places with special history, unique places where the event becomes magical and unique. Real Factory de Tapices is one of such places.

This venue located in the heart of Madrid, with more than 300 years of history, provides a unique place for the wedding. Venue surrounded by art, with unique and exclusive rooms, also with perfect gastronomic proposal and one of the most scenic gardens, Real Factory de Tapices is considered to be one of the attractions of capital to celebrate dream wedding.

We had the opportunity to participate in one of the events that was celebrated in this unique place, wedding of the  beautiful couple, Alejandro and Elianny.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Maria & Yams

Fabrica de Tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia


Couple wanted to share with us one of the most special moments of their lives, their “yes, I do” in Real Factory de Tapices.

For her special day, Elianny chose a simple, but beautiful dress by Jesús Peiró.

Dress with thin straps, square cleavage and with embroidered lace, tender and thin, that gives special elegance to the bride. A falling skirt decorated with soft flower motives ends with a small tail in the mermaid style, convenient and functional.

The original and distinguishing touch of the style is the bouquet created by Monceau Fleurs. The bouquet is based on green leaves and vary balls of different shades in the natural cotton and with small flowers that reflect the style of locations, fabrics of various materials, textures and flowers, and create a harmonious point of contact. Bouquet is also with yellow cotton floss. Beautiful details, and charming couple.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The floral decoration of tables is based on green leaves and roses in light and pink shades, which are perfectly combined with shades of tablecloth in shades of nature and with  furniture in the color of the light tree.

The fiancé is harmoniously continuing the style of the bride with his dark-blue suit, white shirt and details: a handlebars and a dark tie corresponding to his shoes.

The bride’s hairstyle is the work of the Javier Miro – hairdresser. Natural uplift from one side through a simple color ornament in green and white shades, all in accordance to the dress, carefully curly hair brings fresh and natural feelings to the bride. Makeup, in brown shades and lipstick in the same shades, brings a pleasant light on the color of the bride.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The locations chosen for photo session made by photographer Mario Trueba are beautiful historical gardens of textiles, stairs that lead to entry into the factory and its charming stamped and brick facade, also various internal locations like the teniers Hall, in which the ceremony was held, near the wooden bulk points of ceilings, near thin carpets and behind the greatness of various historical tapes, and Goya’s Hall was chosen for the banquet, decorated with various trees, plants and the portrayal light, which brings the enjoyable atmosphere to the event.

We were pleased to be part of this big day of Alejandro and Elianny and we enjoyed the elegance and charm of Real Factory de Tapices.

We hope you liked photos, that was made during this amazing event and you want to organize your perfect wedding in Madrid in Real Factory de Tapices.

Host your perfect wedding in Restaurante Mirabé, Barcelona

A wedding is such a special moment in anyone’s life, therefore the place that you choose to say ‘I do’ is very important. Barcelona is always a fantastic option to throw a romantic and magical ceremony, and a favourite destination for foreign couples looking to get married in Spain.

wedding in barcelona

This was the case for Joana and Gonzalo who decided to celebrate their wedding in the fabulous Mirabé restaurant, situated in the centre of the city of Barcelona. A perfect place for a beautiful weddings with one of the most unbeatable views in Barcelona and a variety of spaces where you can host the reception.

wedding in barcelona

For the occasion, the bride wore a gorgeous dress from Jordi Anguera, with lace and sheer sleeves. A bohemian style that fits perfectly with the chosen decoration for the wedding where there was a large rural and vintage influence. While for her hair, she opted for a wavy half up-do, providing simplicity and harmony to the whole style. While for her makeup, by Anna Segura, she opted for natural tones with nothing over the top.

wedding in barcelona

The bouquet and the rest of the flowers for the ceremony were handled by the florist The Boj. They chose pastel tones where a pale pink was especially dominant, adding a very romantic touch. On the other hand, the groom chose and grey suit, an original and different option to what we are used to seeing and is perfect for such a great moment.

wedding in barcelona

Lastly, for the ceremony, they chose the spectacular terrace, with incredible views of Barcelona, which is available at the Mirabé restaurant. For the decoration, the macramé arc was hugely important, and an element that was also used to decorate the seats at the reception. Hosting your wedding in Barcelona and in this fantastic space is always the perfect choice. Don’t hesitate, it is the best place to live out the most important day of your life!

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona

wedding in barcelona


Wedding planner Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz 
Photographer @svetlana.barcelonaphoto 
Macrame @myzali_new_macrame 
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