Destination Wedding Planning in Spain

The owner, Natalia Ortiz has planned weddings and events in many different parts of Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Mallorca, Tenerife). Destination weddings require special attention and planning expertise that differs from that of conventional wedding planning. This service includes searching for the perfect venue, planning, production, design, and styling at your chosen destination. Other services include, but are not limited to vendor management, coordination of travel and transfer logistics, hotel room negotiations, and planning of guests activities. We partner with local, trusted and skilled professionals to create an authentic destination wedding experience for you and your guests.


  • Unlimited phone and email communication prior to the event
  • Management of budget including budget spreadsheet
  • Assistance finding and hiring your venue including a venue scouting trip (travel and accommodation not included)
  • Hiring and management of all weddings vendors
  • Wedding design including design proposal and management/direction of all design vendors
  • A detailed timeline of the day and event production schedule
  • Reception layouts created alongside your rental team
  • Vendor confirmation the month prior to your event
  • Delivery of welcome bags to guests hotels
  • Coordination of your ceremony rehearsal the day prior to your wedding

Madrid destination wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Couple shoot production

Our production, creative direction, design and styling of your engagement, pre-wedding and after wedding sessions, shape your story. We work hand in hand with renowned photographers and cinematographers.

Wedding in lavender field

Private events

Our excellent event planning and completing focuses on effective resources and efficient processes. We conceptualize, plan, and organize your private events, such as birthday parties, showers, gender reveal parties, anniversaries, and many more.

Wedding in Valencia

How much is the ideal wedding in Spain?

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, beautiful and unforgettable. Wonderful and sunny Spain can provide such an event. All young couples will at some point be bothered by the question: “How much does the wedding in Spain cost?” The answer depends on your desires and opportunities. Our agency carries out personal planning of a wedding for every couple, taking into account peculiarities, timing and the wishes of the young couple getting married. With regard to this, it is undoubtedly rather difficult to answer the question of price.
Still, there is a price line lower than which the organisation of a beautiful wedding in Spain is impossible. Our clients really understand that perfectly managed wedding simply cannot  be cheap.
We offer you the range of services and their prices in Spain. After the insight you will figure out the way to compile your wedding budget.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Wedding in Andalusia - Wedding by Natalia Ortiz

Spain has a vast choice of reception venues for an outdoor wedding ceremony. So many couples want to take their wedding to this warm, fairy tale place with an incredible atmosphere.
Track for wedding ceremony where the newlyweds go – is from 150 euros.
The rent and decoration of chairs in the style of your wedding – is from 10 euros per chair.
The furnishing of a relaxation zone with designer furniture for your guests costs from 800 euros for 20 people.
Here you should add the delivery and installation.
The photo area is decorated separately. The price depends on desires of the newlyweds.
It can be a wall monogrammed with the bride and groom’s names with diverse decoration in the wedding style, drapery from fabric. The cost may start from 400 euros.
Many things in an ideal wedding ceremony depend on the design of lighting. Professionally chosen, it creates unforgettable beauty and atmosphere of the ceremony. The rental price for such equipment is from 350 euros.
Now then, the approximate budget for organization of outdoor wedding ceremony will range from 2500 to 10000 euros. Of course, everything depends on your wishes, whether you want your even to be luxurious or more basic.
In every case, the cost of the wedding is individually calculated.

Banquet-field. Restaurant

You can celebrate your wedding in a restaurant or organize an outdoor service – a tent or catering.
If a restaurant is closer to your taste, then count on the price from 80 to 150 euros per person.
If you a want more luxurious wedding and you choose a premium class restaurant, plan your budget from 180 to 330 euros per person.

Wedding in Valencia

If you wish to hold your wedding outdoors, you should take into consideration not only the menu but also the delivery of equipment, furniture as well as all the constructions necessary for banqueting. And correspondingly, their installation and arrangement. This can cost 1500 euros without a tent.
The price category for catering-service in many cases stays the same as for the nice restaurant , but you should consider rent and transport charge as well.
The organisation of a banquet in a tent will be more expensive. But if you want wedding immersed in nature, you can’t do without it. It costs from 4000 to 16000 euros. The price depends on numerous factors: its size, material (special fabric or glass), decoration, and certainly, the number of guests at the wedding.
To cover entertainment and dancing space you can use a special coating or a simple laminate. The ceiling may be decorated with fine fabrics and you can hang chandeliers according to the general wedding style.

Photo and video

Mas de Sant Llei - Weddings and Events by Natalia OrtizProfessional photos and the video from your wedding will sustain the memory of one of the biggest days of your life. The choice of a good photographer and camerama is one of the most important aspects of your wedding ceremony’s organization. That’s why we strongly advise you not to try to save money on this.
The price for a photographer’s work in Spain depends upon how many hours he/she will work on the day, the level of efficiency, style of photo processing and retouching. On average, it costs from 1500 euros per shooting day.
The shooting day is 8 working hours for a photographer. The amount of hours needed especially for you is personally discussed with every couple. As a rule, photographers do not highlight the minimum and maximum hours of their work; usually it is a shooting, covering all the main moments of the wedding.
On average, the video shoot with one camera and further editing costs from 1500 to 1800 euros.
Now it is common to shoot the wedding ceremony with several cameras in order to get a nice film of your wedding. Multiple camera angle allow us to not to miss any exciting shot. The scale of the event, the number of guests and the reception venue are also considered.
In addition, popular shooting is in a love story style. It can take place before or after the wedding. The price for such a photoshoot varies from 500 to 1000 euros.

Background music for your wedding

Wedding in Tenerife

In Spain, it is not tradition to invite a special host or master of ceremonies. Guests communicate with each other, and newlyweds converse with them from time to time. DJs and musicians have the main role when entertaining guests using  catchy music. The price for a DJ for the night starts from 500 euros.
You can call a famous DJ or your favorite Russian performer, or invite a Spanish musician. Everything here depends on your wishes and price you will be able to pay. The cost may vary from 10000 to 50000 euros
It is also popular  to hire a Flamenco group. The price starts from 700 euros for this.
Live music gives any event it mood. You won’t regret inviting a live music group. The cost of such a performance is from 450 euros. Mini-orchestras consisting of 2-4 people will play for you starting from 600 euros.


Wedding in Valencia

We offer you a variety of transport means, which can be, in many ways, even better and more convenient than huge cars.
You can rent a retro-car for no less than 4 hours. The price for such rent is from 500 to 2000 euros.
You can also choose a boat in retro-style that will be waiting for you at the pier of a hotel. With white leather sofas for the beloved couple and the photographer. You may also book a boat for your guests, for 15 and more people – the cost is from 350 euros per hour. A miraculous sea-ride will create unforgettable impressions.

Stylist, make-up artist

Every bride should  be the most beautiful, admirable and fabulous person on her big day! To manage this she will be gladly assisted by professional stylists and make-up artists.
The cost of a professional make-up artist’s service in Spain starts from 350 euros, a wedding hairstyle is from 250 euros, and the hairstyle trial is included.
The stylist that works on the image of the bride will cost you from 550 euros. Of course we have cheaper options, but we have been working with well-known make-up artists and stylists that take part in fashion shows in fashion weeks of Barcelona and Madrid.
These people are not just professionals, but are also very friendly. They always work for weddings. While working with the image they efficiently highlight the aesthetic strengths and hide any flaws both the bride and the groom may have..

Wedding printing and candy boxes

Wedding printing includes invitations to the wedding, little programs, menu, seating plans and Save the Date cards.
The price of designer printing depends on different elements: the type and quality of paper, circulation, and difficulty of work. It is calculated personally for every couple.
Bonbonnières are small presents from newlyweds to their guests to show appreciation. The price starts from 4 euros per item.

Decoration and flowers

Floral design for a wedding can be very diverse. Beautiful floristics will improve the impression of the celebration. To understand what it will look like you should see it in person at least once. When the wedding is over and emotions fade, your guests may not remember what was on the menu, but they will remember how your wedding looked for a long time!

The price, as well as options of decorations is very different. Everything depends on the flowers and décor you choose and, of course, on the professionalism of the florist.
If you want to mount a beautiful floral arch or exclusive decorations at your ceremony, you will have to pay from 1500 euros for this.
The price of bridal bouquet in form of a “beam” is from 80 euros, and a round one is from 150 euros.
Candy box for groom – from 10 euros.
Floral compositions on tables for guests: large – from 150 euros, where you can have designer vases included. Small – from 80 euros.
Decoration of the newlyweds’ table – from 350 euros.
Decoration of buffet area – from 35 euros per small composition in a vase.
The newlywed’s background area of the table is decorated with flowers or drapery made of fabric – from 700 euros.
Everything must be carried out to the finest details at the wedding. Special attention should be paid to textiles and furniture.
Thus, the cost of full floral decoration of an outdoor wedding ceremony at a villa in Spain starts from 3000 euros. However, there is no price limit, as special flowers add luxury and create a special mood.

Wedding cake

Wedding in Madrid

Wedding cake is a pleasant and tasty ending to your evening, a wedding tradition. The price for this sweet dessert starts from 20 euros per kilo. The necessary weight of the cake is easily determined: 150 g of cake for every guest.

Accommodation for guests

For accommodation for your guests, we offer you the best hotels so that everyone feels comfortable when they arrive at the destination of the wedding.
We can take care of the accommodation of the guests, placing them comfortably in villas and apartments with spectacular views. The price of accommodation for two people in one of the hotels starts from 100€ per day, for the rental of villa for 6-8 people will cost around 700€ per day.

Cost of a wedding planner in Spain

What is the fee for the service of our agency? The rate of wedding planning services in Spain is 10% of the general budget of the wedding, with a minimum of 1500€.

The wedding budget includes all the services that are necessary for the wedding ceremony: transfer of the newlyweds and guests from the airport and return, accommodation in villas and hotels, organization of the first and second day of the wedding and other necessary activities.

We take care of the complete organization of the event and guarantee you the perfect wedding.

How will the organization of your wedding be?

First, we will have a conversation via Skype (if we do not have the possibility of meet in person), the choice of the place of reception, negotiations with the owners of hotels and villas, restaurants, the preparation of the menu and the decorations. Conversations can take place in the language of the client (we have employees who can speak Spanish, Russian, French, English…)

In total, there is about 2000 operations that should be carried out. We provide our clients with reliable information.

We write an email or letter for our client that contains a detailed overview of all the aspects: accommodation of the guests, what views and facilities the villas have, where they are and the cost of the accommodation. We also attach links to photos where the client can examine everything in detail. If there are children among the guests, we will look for a hotel or villa where they can play or swim in a pool, or where they can have a barbecue with friends. The price will vary from 290 euros per night for 4 people.

At our first meeting, we will help you organize your wedding budget and choose the ideal place.

Above we mentioned the points so you can have an idea about the cost of a professionally planned wedding in Spain. The final cost cannot be determined exactly; everything depends on your wishes and needs, but we take full responsibility for every detail of your celebration and we guarantee the wedding of your dreams.

A wedding is a event complicated to organize at a distance, without knowing the core of the work. The couple must be calm and stressfree in the run up to the wedding and, of course, the day itself, and our agency we will guarantee that.

Nothing matters to us more than your trust, that’s why we take care of every detail and for us every wedding is equally important. We guarantee the solution of problems that may arise during the process.

Spain is a wonderful country with breathtaking views, and a warm, enjoyable climate. Let’s begin with the organization of one of the best days of your life!