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The founder of Wedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz has years of experience in planning weddings and events throughout Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Mallorca and Tenerife), and as a result we understand that destination weddings require extra special planning and expertise in comparison to a conventional wedding celebration, because in many cases the bride and groom are planning their wedding from afar. Consequently, we at Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz are dedicated to providing a wedding planning service to the highest standards for your destination wedding abroad, making your job much easier and a lot less stressful. We are committed to helping you find the perfect wedding venue, as well as offering excellent planning, production, design, and styling services at your chosen destination. We also take care of the coordination of travel and transfer logistics, hotel room negotiations, and planning of guests’ activities. Furthermore, we organise the vendor management, and offer a very wide range of exceptional trusted, skilled and local professionals to ensure that your wedding celebration is a unique, personal and spectacular experience for you and your guests.

Our services include:

  • Unlimited phone and email communication prior to the event
  • Management of budget including budget spreadsheet
  • Assistance in finding and hiring your venue including a venue scouting trip (travel and accommodation not included)
  • Hiring and management of all wedding vendors
  • Wedding design including design proposal and management/direction of all design vendors
  • A detailed timeline of the day and event production schedule
  • Reception layouts created alongside your rental team
  • Vendor confirmation the month prior to your event
  • Delivery of welcome bags to guests’ hotels
  • Coordination of your ceremony rehearsal the day prior to your wedding

Madrid destination wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Couples’ photo shoot production

We offer the production, creative direction, design and styling of your engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoots, allowing you to share your story and capture love for each other. We work with renowned photographers and cinematographers to take romantic shots that you will treasure forever.

Wedding in lavender field

Private events

Our exclusive event planning and production service prioritises the use of high-quality resources and methods in order to provide a unique and spectacular event. We conceptualise, plan and organise a wide range of private events, such as birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveal parties, hen nights, anniversaries, and many more.

Madrid elopement - Wedding by Natalia OrtizHow much does a dream destination wedding in Spain cost?

Of course, every bride dreams of having a perfect, beautiful and unforgettable wedding day, and there is no doubt that magnificent, sunny Spain can provide this experience. In terms of the cost, this undoubtedly depends on the experience you are looking for, but at Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, we try our best to cater for all budgets, and will show you all of the opportunities available within your price range.

An outdoor wedding ceremony

Wedding in Andalusia - Wedding by Natalia Ortiz

Spain is perhaps best known for its unbeatable climate, and so outdoor weddings are an extremely popular choice. At Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, we offer a very wide range of fantastic outdoor wedding venues, perfect for enjoying Spain’s warm weather and spectacular landscape.

In terms of approximate prices,

  •         The wedding aisle will cost from 150 euros.
  •         The rent and decoration of the chairs will cost from 10 euros per chair.
  •         The furnishing of a chill-out area with designer furniture will cost from 800 euros for 20 people.
  •         Photography areas will vary in price depending on what you are looking for. An example would be a flower wall or a decorated wall backdrop with your initials. Usually these cost from 400 euros.
  •         Professional lighting equipment will cost from 350 euros.
  •         The costs for the delivery and installation of each element must also be considered.

·         The total budget price for the organisation of an outdoor wedding ceremony will range from 2500 to 10000 euros, depending on the options you choose, but in general, the more luxurious and extravagant, the more expensive it will be.

In every case, the cost of the wedding will be individually calculated.

The wedding banquet

For the wedding banquet, many couples opt for a restaurant setting or organise an outdoor affair – usually a marquee with a catering service.

You should expect the restaurant to cost from 80-150 euros per person, with a price of 180-330 euros per person for a premium restaurant.

Madrid destination wedding - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

For an outdoor wedding banquet, the delivery, construction and arrangement of all of the equipment and furniture alone (excluding a marquee) can cost 1500 euros.

The catering for an outdoor wedding is expected to cost the same as a restaurant.

A wedding banquet in a marquee will cost from 4000 to 16000 euros and depends on numerous factors: the size, material, decoration and capacity of the marquee.

For the entertainment and dance floor, a special coating or laminate flooring is recommended, and the roof of the marquee can be decorated with fabrics and chandeliers to suit your wedding style.

Photography and Videos

Mas de Sant Llei - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Professional photos and videos are the best way to ensure that you and your guests remember your wedding day and cherish the memories made on this day forever. As a consequence, choosing an excellent photographer is essential to a successful wedding ceremony, and we do believe that dedicating as much of your budget as you can to this service is fundamental.

The cost of a photographer in Spain generally depends on how many hours they work for, as well as the style of photo processing and editing. Usually, this costs from 1500 euros per day, generally for 8 hours per day.

Photographers generally focus on the wedding shoot and taking shots of the most important parts of the event.

If you would like a video of your wedding day, a video recording with one camera, plus editing, usually costs from 1500 to 1800 euros. However, many couples choose a wedding video to be shot with more than one camera in order to record from different angles, and this will cost more. Also, the price may depend on the size of your wedding venue.

A love story style shoot is also very popular, taking place before or after the wedding day. These usually cost from 500 to 1000 euros.

Background music for your wedding

Wedding in Tenerife

In Spain, the DJs and musicians usually act as the host or master of ceremonies for the event. The price for a typical DJ is from 500 euros for the night, although if you choose to hire a famous DJ or performer, the price may be from 10000 to 50000 euros.

You could even hire a flamenco performance group, which usually costs from 700 euros.

A live band will cost from 450 euros and a small orchestra consisting of 2-4 people will cost from 600 euros.

The background music for your wedding plays a key role in creating your desired atmosphere, and so we recommend that you dedicate a fair amount of money to this area.


Wedding in Valencia

We offer a variety of transportation services for both you and your guests, so that you can travel to your wedding venue in style!

You can hire a vintage car for more than 4 hours from 500 to 2000 euros.

You can even take a spectacular retro boat ride as a couple or with your guests, from 350 euros per hour, to have an unforgettable luxury experience!

Wedding stylists and hair and makeup artists

Every bride should feel the most beautiful and special on their wedding day, the true star of the show! For this, there is no reason why she should not be assisted by outstanding hair and makeup professionals.

The average cost of a professional makeup artist in Spain starts from 350 euros, with a professional hairstylist costing from 250 euros with a trial session included.

A general stylist will cost 550 euros, but this is certainly a recommended experience as we work with well-known professionals who work for fashion shows at the Madrid and Barcelona fashion weeks.

The wedding stylists are an integral part of your wedding day, not only because they add the finishing touches to your bridal look but also because they develop a real friendship with you and dedicate themselves to making sure that you look and feel your best.

Wedding prints and gifts

The wedding prints include the wedding invitations, save-the-dates, programmes, menus and seating plans.

The price for designer wedding prints often depends on certain elements: the material and quality of the prints, the number of prints required, and the level of intricacy or difficulty.

For wedding gifts, the price obviously depends on the contents of the gifts, but for small presents, Bonbonnières design gifts from 4 euros per item.

Wedding decorations and flowers

Wedding floral designs can be incredibly diverse, and it is undeniable that beautiful flowers can transform your wedding venue and create a very special atmosphere.

In terms of price, of course it all depends on the type and number of floral displays and decorations you are looking for.

A beautiful floral arch or other exclusive wedding ceremony decorations will cost from 1500 euros.

A bridal bouquet in the form of a ‘beam’ costs from 80 euros, with a circular one costing 150 euros.

Floral centrepieces on the tables tend to cost from 8- to 15- euros each, depending on the sizes.

The decoration of the newlywed’s table usually costs from 350 euros.

The background for the newlywed’s table with flowers or drapes costs from 700 euros.

The full cost of the floral decorations for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Spain starts from 3000 euros.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake is a traditional element of a wedding celebration and is a wonderful way to end your banquet.

The price for this spectacular dessert starts from 20 euros per kilo. Usually, each guest should receive 150g of cake.

Accommodation for your guests

To accommodate your guests, we offer you the very best hotels in the area so that everyone feels happy and comfortable when they arrive at the wedding destination. We organise this entirely, placing your guests comfortably in luxury villas or apartments with spectacular views.

The price of accommodation for two people in one of the hotels starts from 100 euros per night, and to rent a villa for 6-8 people it will cost around 1500 euros per night.

A wedding planner

What is the fee for our services? The rate of a wedding planning service in Spain is 10% of the general budget of the wedding, with a minimum of 2500 euros.

This wedding budget will include all of the services that are necessary for the wedding: The transfer of the couple and their guests from and back to the airport, the accommodation, organisation of the wedding days and other necessary activities.

We take care of the complete organisation of the event and guarantee you the perfect wedding.

What will the wedding planning process be like?

First, we will have a conversation either in person or via Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime, in which you will tell us what you are looking for and inform us of your budget. We will then negotiate with the venues, accommodation, caterers and vendors that you have chosen.

In total, there should be about 2000 operations that should be carried out. We provide our clients with reliable information.

We will write an email or letter to you that contains a detailed overview of all the aspects: accommodation of the guests, what views and facilities the villas have, where they are and the cost of the accommodation. We will also attach links to photos where you can examine everything in detail. If there are children among the guests, we will look for a hotel or villa where they can play or swim in a pool, or where they can have a barbecue with friends.

All of our conversations can take place in your own language. (We have employees who can speak Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, English…)

In our first meeting, we will help you organize your wedding budget and choose the ideal venue.

Above, we have mentioned the points that will give you an idea of the cost of a professionally planned wedding in Spain. The final cost cannot be determined exactly; everything depends on your wishes and needs, but we take full responsibility for every detail of your celebration and we guarantee the wedding of your dreams.

A wedding is a complicated event to organize at a distance, without working on location. You should be calm and stress-free in the run up to the wedding and, of course, the day itself, and our agency guarantees that for you.

Nothing matters to us more than your trust, and that’s why we take care of every detail as for us, every element of a wedding is equally important. We guarantee the solution to all problems that may arise during the process.

Spain is a wonderful country with breathtaking views, and a warm, enjoyable climate. Let’s begin the organization of one of the best days of your life!

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