Perhaps, a wedding is the most long-awaited event in a couple’s life. How many steps should be done together?!


The Russian TV channel “Friday” launched a new project which helps couples to organize a “dream wedding”.

In this time heroes of the program became Ludmila and Igor, a couple from Minsk.

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The couple had been dreaming about a typical Spanish wedding because of the good weather, the local culture and Spanish fiesta.

As a result, the dream came true in Salamanca.

First at all, Ludmila attended a local Spanish wedding where she found a bride and asked her about the wedding ceremony. Ludmila was so admired by traditional dances, cheerful guests and the beauty of the ceremony. Unfortunately, Spanish laws are different from Russian, so we weren’t lucky. The wedding ceremony takes place in the church where you sign all necessary documents. Inother words, the church in Spain works like a registry office.
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Other unusual thing was an old Spanish tradition, when a bride goes to a monastery with a basket full of raw eggs before her wedding. In this way she asks the good weather for her wedding day. So, we decided to follow all steps and Ludmila went to a monastery.

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The next stage was one of the most important: the wedding dress. It wasn’t just a white dress for a princess, but the typical wedding costume from Salamanca which is called “Charro”. You will not find “Charro” neither in a wedding salon, nor on the Internet. There aren’t many masters of “Charro” other. But we were lucky and we got acquainted with señora Feli, who is founder of “Charro” school, and her assistant señora Karmen. They were so pleased to tell us about the history and about creation process of their dresses. It occurred that this process is incredibly labour-consuming and a master dedicates 8 hours every day within 2 years. This dress could cost tens thousands euros. For this reason, many people prefer to rent it.

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For a traditional Castilian wedding we need a castle. There are many different castles in Spain, but not everyone offers you the possibility of accommodation and banquet at the same time.

What about food? Spanish people say that a delicious dinner it is the secret of a good wedding. And for our wedding we asked a local chief to help us with the menu.

In addition, you can organize an unforgettable hen party in a castle!

For our groom Igor we prepared a special test. We agreed with a bullfighting school. It had been a first experience in his life. At the beginning the film-making crew couldn’t constrain their surprise when they saw the iron head instead of a real bull. Javier, who is a teacher of a matador’s school, explained to us that you need to practice many years before having a real bull fighting. So, after one hour of training Igor was completely exhausted.


The last day, the day of the ceremony. Everything is ready: the hairdresser and artist, the photographer, the musicians, the wedding dress, the florists and the castle. Our engaged friends had thought of using orange flowers as background decoration. But in August it was almost impossible. Our florist offered a great solution: combine orange flowers with eucalyptus. In my opinion, party was very original and elegant.

Summing up the result of enormous work I want to say “thanks” for everyone. Despite the august, the season of holidays in Spain, we were able to organize the great team of professionals and carried out a dream wedding for our couple!