Glamour everywhere

Bridal morning full of freshness at the Hotel Urso & Spa in Madrid

A very special morning

Today’s bride surprised us with her dazzling southern beauty and her laughing smile illuminated the distinguished setting in which we find ourselves today. 

We’re talking about no less than the Hotel Urso & Spa, found in Salesas, a very central neighbourhood of Madrid. We couldn’t have chosen a better venue to shoot such a glamorous editorial. 

A room to relax in

The morning started with a lot of self care in one of the luxury bedrooms of those available in this sophisticated hotel. Here we can see the bride relaxing in a pretty white silk robe, with a strapless nightgown, sipping a coffee while reading her favourite magazine surrounded by scented candles and roses. 

The bride gets ready for her big wedding

Once she has been made up with eyeliner and a bright red lip colour, the bride looks radiant with her hair in the wind, and she is ready to put on her wonderful dress. The dress she chose is by Rosa Clara, an elegant dress with a lot of lace on the chest, a sweetheart neckline and a boat neck thanks to the sleeves, which in this case are straps that fall on the shoulders. The dress ends in a full skirt, many layers and embroidered details giving an image of lightness and elegance at the same time.

We can see her happy and flirtatious, posing in different areas of the room. On the luxurious vintage mustard-coloured sofa with plenty of white and pink roses around her and an incredible bouquet, on the bed, by the window, in front of the mirror.

Por último, la novia no se olvida de su mascarilla, muy importante por la situación que nos ha tocado vivir, que resulta estar bordada en un tono oscuro acorde con su estilo.

A very vintage wedding in an old castle

At the Campo de Madrid nature reserve, you find the Palacio de Misión, a unique building in the form of a castle. It is perfect for any type of celebration and offers a wide range of dishes inspired by traditional cuisine.

Located in the old Cáceres pavilion, the facilities are decorated like an old mansion of the city of Extremadura. This was the venue chosen by Noelia and Javier, our bride and groom, making this day a vintage and unconventional wedding.

Noelia, the bride, dazzled with an untraditional outfit. She chose a two-piece outfit, from the dressmakers’ INLOVE Atelier, consisting of a blouse and a long skirt.

The blouse had balloon sleeves in an off- white shade and some small ruffles at the front, while the skirt had a bit of a train and fine horizontal lines throughout. The outfit stood out for having an old style due to its blush grey color, which perfectly matched the groom’s suit.

The groom chose a grey tuxedo with a white shirt and black details such as shoes, buttons and tie. All from the renowned suit specialists’ Protocolo.

It is important to mention the bride’s make-up, which really stood out with her black smoky eyes and natural lips, with a bit of shine, in order to focus all the attention on her eyes.

As for Noelia’s hairstyle, it consisted of a low up-do in the form of a bun that had been previously curled to give it volume and also leave some small waves on both sides of the face

For the hairstyle, makeup and dress of the bride, the atelier in charge was INLOVE.

These preparations prior to the ceremony were carried out while the bride wore a very atypical nightdress also from the same dressmaker’s, with a V neckline joined by two horizontal stripes and long sleeves that left her shoulders exposed.


But do you know where these newlyweds also made an impression? Of course, in the bouquet of flowers. The stems of the bouquet were held together by long ribbons in shades of grey, white and black.

The flowers consisted of large white roses and other smaller ones in a more yellowish tone, as well as large light pink peonies, all accompanied by small green leaves.

But wait, there’s more, as in the bouquet itself there were also several feathers that made it even more unique. This impeccable result was made possible by L’ atelier de las flores.

As for the wedding invitations, with their cursive lettering, aged papers and blush grey envelopes, they followed the same traditional style as the engagement ring, with a large central pearl and small complementary and decorative stones in the form of flowers.

The Wedding Planner Natalia Ortiz was in charge of organising this wedding, while the photographer Kseniya Bunets captured these supreme photos.

The different and unique bride and groom gave their wedding day a lot of personality and style without losing the class and elegance.