Luca and Anna’s Proposal with Two Mimes in Madrid

If what you need is ideas for a unique proposal, full of surprises and emotions, you can’t miss this proposal in Madrid of Luca and Anna, an Italian couple that love the capital city.

Did you know that Spain is one of the most popular countries for Italians to go on holiday?

Well, the dream of the groom-to-be, Luca, was to return to his home after his holiday engaged to his girlfriend, and boy did he manage it!

So, if you need inspiration, don’t miss this engagement. We will tell you every detail.

Around Valentine’s Day

The Italian couple came to Spain for a weekend, specifically the 14th February, which meant they enjoyed the bank holiday of Valentine’s day in Madrid.

Luca wanted to propose during their holiday in Spain, so this way, his girlfriend wouldn’t suspect a thing. So, when she least expected it, he took out a ring and asked to marry her.

Luca decided it was time to go one step further and so invited his girlfriend to the capital city at the most romantic time of year: Valentine’s Day.

And on holiday we are all more relaxed and calm, which means it’s the perfect time to ask someone to marry you.

The Location, Retiro Park in Madrid

While they were taking a walk in the park, and without the bride suspecting a thing, we took care of organising everything in the heart of the city, the beautiful Retiro Park.

This park has different areas perfect for carrying out an engagement: a lake, a Crystal Palace botanical gardens of la Rosaleda, fountains, etc. 

Retiro is one of the prettiest and biggest parks in the capital. This is why we love it! Because its views are very photogenic and perfect for a proposal. There are hundreds of colours that give off an incredible light in pictures!

A Small Argument with the Best Reconciliation

As an anecdote to this proposal, note that minutes before Luca got down on one knee, the couple argued.

Yes, she decided to walk alone in the park and, as she wasn’t having too much fun, Luca didn’t know whether to go ahead with the plan or not. But, he was so in love with her and knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, so he decided to go ahead with the surprise.

And just as well! Because it turned into the best make up!

Two Mimes Entered the Scene

In Retiro Park there are many street artists, which is why it was the perfect plan so that Anna didn’t suspect a thing when two mimes banded together to form part of the proposal.

Anna was walking through the park alone when, suddenly, two mimes appeared and started the role play for the proposal while music, prepared specially by Luca, played in the background.

The mimes took hold of Anna with both arms and directed her to the location, she couldn’t believe it! The mimes started acting out a love story and they handed her two red roses when suddenly… her boyfriend appeared!

Italian Music with Personalised Lyrics in the Background

What is a special moment without music?! Nothing! For this reason, the violin was in charge of enlivening the evening. This instrument was witness to all of the action, and it wasn’t until the third song that Luca appeared.

During the third song, accompanied by Italian lyrics, Luca told his and Anna’s love story, between loud laughs and emotional tears, she couldn’t say no.

The Grand Finale, Champagne!

After the decisive “yes” from Anna, the Italian couple popped the champagne and gave a toast to eternal love. Because every celebration must have a good toast and exquisite bubbles!

The Decoration was not lacking!

For the setting of the proposal, we couldn’t leave romance aside when decorating, and this is why we made it unique with decorations.

As well as the mimes, the fountain and the plants that already decorated the park, at this proposal, rose petals, red helium balloons attached to the ground and a beautiful bouquet of red roses that Luca gave to his girlfriend couldn’t be forgotten.


At Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we don’t want you to forget any details! We love organising surprise proposals that always have a happy ending.

So, if you are thinking about proposing, We are waiting for you! Because there is nothing more marvellous than spending the rest of your life with that person that makes you feel so special.

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