10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner In Spain

When you start with the preparations for your wedding day  is when you start to be aware of the number of things you have to make ready. Organizing a wedding and making it perfect is not a simple task, it is such a special and unique occasion that it requires a lot of understanding and experience. 

That is why the Wedding Planners have arisen, people who are entirely dedicated to planning the wedding that any couple would want: before, during and after it. Before this profession was worthless, but with the passage of time to the present it has become an almost essential figure, since it guarantees us an immediate result by knowing how to organize, direct and control even the smallest detail while you only dedicate yourself to enjoy the preparations and this process with absolute peace of mind.

Surely you have many ideas in your mind of how you would like your wedding to be, or perhaps not, that is why having the services of a Wedding Planner is perfect. And now we tell you all reasons:

  1. Time is on your side

If you do not have much time to think about what you want, do not worry, the Wedding Planner will do all this for you, looking for the options that most closely suits your “dream day”. Moreover, you should not forget about: the photographer, decorations, etc. and in the most economical way and with the highest quality. The only thing you will have to prepare will be the list of guests and choose your wedding costumes, which of course, your planner will also help you.

  1. You dream about a special day which is different from the rest

This is where your taste, personality and character come into play, which will be reflected in your celebration. The organizer will be able to meet you to advise you and listen to your suggestions to make the event unique. Since a Wedding Planner, is constantly aware of the new trends that may arise and can propose you original ideas that you don’t even know exist. For example: photo booths, get to the altar in a parachute, get married in some ruins, beach or desert, have accessories for the party and guests … countless details that you may not have stopped to think about and that will surprise everyone.

  1. Do you want to get married in a different city?

More and more people are carrying out their wedding at a destination outside the city where they normally live and this can be complicated, so the wedding planner will contact your suppliers with you at your place: restaurants, spaces for the ceremony, etc. so that you do not have to travel or take the trouble to make calls with these providers.

  1. There is little time left for the wedding

Normally we usually start organizing the wedding at least one year in advance, but sometimes it is leaving and we show up six months before the ceremony, so we have to hire the services of a Wedding Planner if we want all of this despite the little time left, this is a great decision. Although there is little time left for the big day it is better to have this help as it will be the most suitable person to recommend and advise you on the ideas you have in mind, as well as to plan all the tasks that have to be carried out for days, weeks or months, leaving the square calendar until the wedding.

  1. If you don’t know where to start

You have an image in your mind of what you want and how you want it but, do you know where to find the best and cheapest suppliers, or do not have an idea for the gifts, as well as for the details of the decorations? To have a Wedding Planner will be the best decision since it already has a great advantage and the experience of finding everything you need to set up quickly and easily.

  1. Take advantage of your budget

If you think that hiring an organizer will cost you a lot, you are wrong. The Wedding Planner will be able to adjust to your budget and will help you get all the services and products for your wedding in the most affordable way, sticking to your budget and without eliminating quality.

This will also ensure that the fixed payment deadlines are met and will manage and prioritize the resources without overtaking the established financial amount.

  1. If you don’t want to involve friends or family

When we organize the wedding by our own, we have a lot of things to do, so we decide to delegate many of our tasks to family members or friends which can cause small discussions, since it is always necessary that there is a person in charge of everything and, as set everything out.

Forget that your mother-in-law takes care of the flowers, or that your sisters control the catering or the musicians and that your mother takes care of hiring the musicians. The Wedding Planner will do all this for you, solving any inconvenience or setback, coordinating everything so that everyone only worries about relaxing.

  1. If you want to avoid conflicts

When organizing the wedding you could have a lot of disputes, since much of your time you will spend organizing the special day. This is where discussions arise about who puts more effort and who less among others.

This is normal since during this period the couple is usually stressed and very emotional. Therefore, the planner will take care of everything and the bride and groom only have to give their contentment or displeasure. 

Stay out of difficulty and stress, take care of your peace of mind by trusting the organizer fully.

  1. Don’t you know which providers to hire?

Photographers, flowers, decorations, clothing, banquet, menus, restaurant, cocktails, musicians, gifts … many suppliers are necessary for this day, so having a Wedding Planner you already have everything ready.

This requires a difficult network that will make you see the quality at a good price and knowing that these will not fail at the last minute. And importantly, this will search among different options to find the most economical price for you.

  1. Take care of any situation

The wedding day with your planner will be there making everything go as planned, coordinating guests, suppliers, etc. With your endless supervision and advice.

The Wedding Planner will also be there to solve and avoid difficulties, and that you only dedicate yourself to enjoy your day in the happiest and calmest way.

With passion and duty, the Wedding Planner will make you live your day in the most intense way, without forgetting any details that make the wedding special. Why worry if we can get our wedding to have a better result than we expected?

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A Wedding at the Finca La Media Naranja, the venue decorated like a fairy tale

The great level of variety that a wedding in a farmhouse offers us is perfect for celebrating a magical fairy tale wedding! The venue that today’s couple chose for their wedding is famous for its spectacular location, for its beautiful natural surroundings and magnificent views… It’s the Finca La Media Naranja!

You and your soulmate…

You will be able to walk, just like our couple, through the 3500 metres squared garden area, among nature and traditional Spanish architecture, as well as have the opportunity to host up to more than 200 guests both indoors and outdoors.

Situated in Soria, in the town of Narros, The Finca La Media Naranja, dating right back to the middle of the 18th century, was the perfect venue to celebrate this great day, with the most original decorations to make the venue even more idyllic.

The flowers are the main event

Dried flowers flooded the venue in the form of bouquets, including the one carried by the bride, as well as those placed in jars, at the altar, in the bride’s flower crown, and even at the rehearsal dinner.

Several flowers stood out, such as the white hydrangeas and carnations, the yellow roses and yellow inflorescent, pink gladioli and even blue thistles. These we all accompanied by a mixture of green spherical and flat leaves. This added a very wild and rural touch!

The altar of your dreams

There was no part of the venue more magic than the area where the bride walked down the aisle as captivating music was played.

The altar was composed of wooden benches with brown velvet, a scarf, a folded white door with flowers and leaves and a table with bouquets of flowers and flowers in jars and tin flower pots on the floor. The most rural ceremony!

Crowns also played a part

The flower crowns really made the bride stand out, as she chose to change between different ones throughout the day. She wore a crown of green leaves for the ceremony, matching the venue perfectly, as well as a pastel pink flower crown when she removed her veil.

A renowned decorating team

The companies D’azul cobalto and la floristería de Silvia Cid were in charge of putting together the personalized and exclusive decorations, working with every corner of the venue by providing their own furniture and dried flowers, giving a personal touch to reflect the spirit of the newlyweds. Their years of experience meant that they paid attention to every little detail to ensure that the venue looked incredible!

An elegant but informal couple

The bride chose a dress from the new collection by Bustier Soria, who also makes guest and party dresses.

The dress had a V neck with pleats on her bust, as well as a voluminous chiffon skirt, separated from the top half with a jewelled belt at the waist that matched the dress straps.

But without a doubt the bride added a rural touch to this elegant dress with a vintage denim jacket that was done up with a knot.

Natalia Bruna created a work of art for the makeup, with a simple and beautiful look created with brown eyeshadow and fine eyeliner, setting powder and pink lips that matched one of her flower crowns.

The groom also looked more informal with navy-blue trousers and a pastel lilac shirt that matched his tan bucks shoes. The couple looked elegant but informal!

The excellence is in the details

The photographs taken by Due Fotografía and Aye Mattaini will be kept forever to remind us of this great day. The perfection captured from the fantastic angles will allow the newlyweds to relive their wedding day time and time again as if they were actually really there, as the photographers didn’t neglect a single detail. Neither did the Wedding Planner Natalia Ortiz, who left no loose ends.

And we have many more farmhouses! So, if you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in a country home, and would like some help with the decorations, the after party or with a very Spanish menu, contact us: info@nataliaortizevents.com

Elegant wedding with charm and essence in Fábrica de Tapices

There are places with special history, unique places where the event becomes magical and unique. Real Factory de Tapices is one of such places.

This venue located in the heart of Madrid, with more than 300 years of history, provides a unique place for the wedding. Venue surrounded by art, with unique and exclusive rooms, also with perfect gastronomic proposal and one of the most scenic gardens, Real Factory de Tapices is considered to be one of the attractions of capital to celebrate dream wedding.

We had the opportunity to participate in one of the events that was celebrated in this unique place, wedding of the  beautiful couple, Alejandro and Elianny.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Maria & Yams

Fabrica de Tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia


Couple wanted to share with us one of the most special moments of their lives, their “yes, I do” in Real Factory de Tapices.

For her special day, Elianny chose a simple, but beautiful dress by Jesús Peiró.

Dress with thin straps, square cleavage and with embroidered lace, tender and thin, that gives special elegance to the bride. A falling skirt decorated with soft flower motives ends with a small tail in the mermaid style, convenient and functional.

The original and distinguishing touch of the style is the bouquet created by Monceau Fleurs. The bouquet is based on green leaves and vary balls of different shades in the natural cotton and with small flowers that reflect the style of locations, fabrics of various materials, textures and flowers, and create a harmonious point of contact. Bouquet is also with yellow cotton floss. Beautiful details, and charming couple.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The floral decoration of tables is based on green leaves and roses in light and pink shades, which are perfectly combined with shades of tablecloth in shades of nature and with  furniture in the color of the light tree.

The fiancé is harmoniously continuing the style of the bride with his dark-blue suit, white shirt and details: a handlebars and a dark tie corresponding to his shoes.

The bride’s hairstyle is the work of the Javier Miro – hairdresser. Natural uplift from one side through a simple color ornament in green and white shades, all in accordance to the dress, carefully curly hair brings fresh and natural feelings to the bride. Makeup, in brown shades and lipstick in the same shades, brings a pleasant light on the color of the bride.

La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz La fabrica de tapices - Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The locations chosen for photo session made by photographer Mario Trueba are beautiful historical gardens of textiles, stairs that lead to entry into the factory and its charming stamped and brick facade, also various internal locations like the teniers Hall, in which the ceremony was held, near the wooden bulk points of ceilings, near thin carpets and behind the greatness of various historical tapes, and Goya’s Hall was chosen for the banquet, decorated with various trees, plants and the portrayal light, which brings the enjoyable atmosphere to the event.

We were pleased to be part of this big day of Alejandro and Elianny and we enjoyed the elegance and charm of Real Factory de Tapices.

We hope you liked photos, that was made during this amazing event and you want to organize your perfect wedding in Madrid in Real Factory de Tapices.