Open Day of new venue in Madrid MEEU

Yesterday our teamWedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz was invited to Open Day of MEEU.

‘’MEEU’ (Madrid exposiciones y eventos urbanos – Madrid exhibition and urban events), organized a visit of its 33.000m2 where all your business and entertainment events can be hold.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

Located in the Chamartin train station of Madrid, the place is a combination of several places which makes the all versatile.

Constructed as independent parts, the place holds your corporate business with its co-working space (‘factoría’) which can welcome a hundred person in modern facilities. There is also the ‘Demo’, a place where you can easily organize trade fair, cultural, commercial and corporative events. For the occasion, the company ‘Iris 360 studio’ made us a virtual tour of the warehouse.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

Then, we were able to take a tour in the ‘film’, ‘lab’ and ‘rolling’ spaces.

The first is a place for conferences. Made up of six auditoriums, all equipped with screen, sit, sound equipment, you can make presentations, conferences and tribunes.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

If you wish for something more casual the ‘lab’ will welcome your concerts, shows, and demonstrations with technical equipment of a high standard. We tried it with an impressive artist demonstration of light painting.

Then, the ‘Rolling’ place of 700 m2 can hold all types of events. Your wedding celebration will be perfectly suitable with the dance floor and the luminary equipment that we had the opportunity to try thanks to the company ‘AVLTP’. They imagine brilliant luminous decoration of your wishes for your tables.

Venue in Madrid Open Day

We end the night in the perfect place. The ‘Zielou’. The special atmosphere the indoor restaurant and the terrace can welcome your dinner and cocktail night.

The event was perfectly made so we can see all the aspects and possibilities of the ‘MEEU’. We had a sensorial experience of high level.

Defile weddings dresses 2017

The celebration

‘Me pido este vestido’ celebrated its two years this weekend and ‘Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz’ were lucky to be invited. The celebration took place in a loft situated in Madrid and was very well organized. The event started by a wedding’s appetizers buffet from the caterer: ‘Guante Blanco’. Food was presented in a cute way and delicious. There were fruit’s brochettes, fruit’s and vegetable’s juices, caramel cheesecakes, some French cheeses, tortillas, small sandwiches, and different verrines.

The show

Then, the show began. A member of ‘Me pido este vestido’ introduced the company and its philosophy which is to propose fashion and practical weddings and parties dresses to modern women without an exorbitant budget. They got their inspiration from shop in New York and developed themselves from it.

During the defile, girls wore classic to modern weddings and evenings dresses. With ‘Me pido este vestido’ Brides can meet all their tastes.

The dresses

It started with classic and chic dream dresses. They had lovely details such as bare back or parts with fine lace. It continued with some with a more modern style with dresses were the top and the bottom of were separated. One of them had its bottom full of light pink feathers. It gave the bride a lot of sensuality and a bohemian style. There was also one strapless dress which was gorgeous. The laces in the back of it were stunning.

The defile ended with parties’ dresses. They were colourful and long. Also full of cute details such as long neckline and laces in the back.


‘Me pido este vestido’ offers splendid dresses to brides with small budget and for that really deserves its success.

13 reasons to get married in Spain

Wedding in Spain. 13 reasons to get married in Spain :

Take a look at this list and be convinced that Spain is the perfect place for your wedding.


 The land of love

Charm is everywhere in Spain. Be sur your celebration here will be memorable.

The food

Simplest ingredients turn into meal for kings in Spain. The variety of tastes will allow you to meet all your guest’s expectations.

The wine

Most famous wines are produced in Spain thanks to its 300 grape varieties.

The Weather

Warm days are guaranteed from April to September in Spain. You won’t have to worry about unexpected rain coming on your wedding day.

The history

Heritage is important for Spanish. Historic venues have been preserved through the aged. You easily will find a fairy-tale castle or a beautiful villa once owned by nobility to hold you wedding.

The beaches

The 5000 miles of coastline offers beautiful beaches in which you could organized your celebration.

The city of Art

Barcelona will impress you with its outside galleries, its buildings of old time, and its famous square of a medieval architectural.

The Practicalities

Spain is a short hop away, direct flights to most cities are frequents and several low-cost options exists.

The family-friendly Welcome

Spaniards are known as hospitable, the service granted to you and your guest will be of high quality in any place. You will just feel like home.

The cost

Fabulous landscape, food, wine, sun and all for less than it cost in France or Italy. The value for money is surpassing the rest of European countries.

The style

A lot of designers and style icons are from Spain. All their inspiration come from this very particular atmosphere of Spain.

The fireworks

Fireworks are a tradition in Spanish’s’ celebrations. You won’t have problem to organise your personal pyrotechnic display to light up the sky on your wedding day.

The perfect Honeymoon destination

Beaches, sun, landscape make Spain perfect for honeymoon.

It is 7 reasons why it is worth holding a wedding abroad.

What is can be better to hold a wedding and a honeymoon in one bright, solar, just fascinating place? Especially, if solar Spain is such place. Than this country that on it the choice for holding a wedding and cretaceous month fell can attract, we will tell about it in this article.


1.Let’s begin with the simplest accent which is plus at the choice of the place for a wedding – it is relative proximity of an arrangement in relation to other countries and existence of direct flights from Moscow to various large cities of Spain, such as: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga. The long and tiresome road, with repeated changes at the airports or transport hubs can spoil all wedding mood and is very strong physically exhaust.


2.Spain one of the country’s inhabitants of a large number of locks. Except beauty of these masterpieces of architecture attracts an opportunity to hold a wedding celebration in one of such locks. The tempting prospect, isn’t it? Such place can Be violent the lock Amor or Baroniya lock. In these locks to you not only will suggest to hold a wedding banquet, but also will place in comfortable numbers, will organize the program of actions whether it is necessary to say that the wedding photoshoot won’t disappoint you!


3.Spain is the country where aboriginals are the fans of eat. They are big judges of tasty food therefore, be sure that your acquaintance to traditional Castilian cuisine will go off with a bang.


4.Spain is one of the most solar countries of the world. Warm, with soft climate and in the long summer Spain opens for you all itself from April to September. Not each country can brag of an opportunity to luxuriate in warm waves of the tender sea in April.


5.As Spain is rich with history, it couldn’t but affect architecture and sights. The unique atmosphere does a travel bright and unforgettable and will present you a flashing wedding photoshoot.

6.Various wide beaches for every taste will suggest to hold a wedding on the seashore. The easy breeze will make soft hot days, and your wedding will take place more comfortably for you and your guests.


7. In comparison with other European countries of Spain, at all the variety of entertainments and services, it is considered rather inexpensive country. For example, the same wedding in Italy or France to you will be much more expensive.

The Honeymoon and wedding photoshoot in Spain.

This article is more similar to the photo report of a honeymoon of one happy and loving couple. Alexander and Ekaterina had registered the defect and held a wedding in Russia, and decided to organize a honeymoon and a wedding photoshoot in Spain. The photoshoot and rest were in Catalonia, on the seashore. But we would like to tell not only about it, and about how sometimes it is useful to divide a wedding celebration and a photoshoot for different days! And that is why:

1.Measured and quiet situation. So, there is no excess stress and nervousness this day. Carrying out it an action will be high-quality and productive, there will be a much bigger quantity of high-quality pictures.

2.It isn’t necessary to be distracted by a wedding dress not to spoil it. In the wedding day there is a wish to feel at height, especially to the bride to the maximum; on it all eyes are attracted! Therefore, each bride worries about the fact that it is possible to spoil accidentally a dress and to appear not in the best possible way in such day. On a separate photoshoot you will have other dress and except pictures you in it won’t go anywhere.

3.It is possible to choose the most favorable time and weather. For a separate photoshoot you can choose time suitable for you, but not that which will turn out during the wedding. Besides, such factor, how is the weather won’t spoil your photoshoot; you can always postpone it the next day or time.

4.Only your presence and nobody is more. Usually, at a wedding during the photoshoot guests are presented to themselves and forced to expect when young people finish with pictures. It creates a certain inconvenience as for guests, so for newlyweds: quicker everything wants to be finished not to keep anybody waiting. One more plus from a separate photoshoot – it an opportunity is quiet and without hurrying to spend film-making day.

5.There is no restriction in the choice of the place for a photoshoot. Most likely, in the wedding day the photoshoot will pass not in that place where you want, and there where will be closer to restaurant, the REGISTRY OFFICE or it is just more convenient not to go many around the city and not to get stuck in traffic jams. What to tell, about remote, but beautiful, places! It is one more plus of a separate photoshoot – it is possible to choose any place!

9 reasons why it is worth holding a wedding in the lock Amor Is violent.

The lock Is violent Amor (Castillo del Buen Amor) is translated as the lock of Beautiful Love. And you really understand it when only you take of it the first view. This is special place in which you feel at home. The atmosphere of coziness is created by beautiful numbers, library, the playground, a garden, the outdoor pool and it is a lot of other fine services.

To hold a wedding in the lock Amor is violent it means to enjoy really royal rest. All because in this place there are several unique opportunities:

1.Royal services of the lock. You will be able to be convinced of it when in the lock you are met by the butler; the breakfast will be given to a bed together with strawberry and champagne, and will also suggest to use a private terrace where except you will be nobody.

2.Ancient halls. In the lock there are several halls, the equipped exclusive ancient things, a big fireplace and library. Against the background of such effective interior the smart photoshoot will turn out.

3.Unique numbers. Each number of the lock is reconstructed under an original interior of the lock of those times when in it there lived still kings.

4.Traditional Castilian cuisine. It’s a remarkable opportunity to create a wedding banquet with original dishes and to enjoy refined food and drinks.

5.Tasting of Spanish wines. In addition to traditional cuisine you will be able to try these Spanish wines from the grapes which are grown up on lock vineyards.

6.An excursion on vineyards. The second wedding day can be held rather unusually and to go to an excursion on lock vineyards. You will perfectly spend time and will broaden the horizons, having added knowledge of winemaking.

7.A trip on the retro car. In day of your wedding you and your second half will be able to enjoy beauty of landscapes of the lock on this retro car. Such opportunity to combine walk on a rare car in beautiful places with a photoshoot drops out time in life.

8.Driving on horses. For fans of active lifestyle will offer riding on horses. Whether it is worth saying that a storm of emotions won’t keep themselves waiting!

And our specialists will help to organize a wedding in such wonderful place. We will undertake all wedding efforts, and you will need only to enjoy in your remarkable afternoon!

Why Spain is ideal for holding a wedding?

Spain is the amazing country. In it both bohemian chic, and Gothic style, and lovely rural simplicity, and exotic of islands is combined. And, of course, millions of newlyweds choose it as the place for holding a wedding.

What is a secret of Spain? It is possible to give many arguments for benefit of Spain, we will only tell about some of them.

Let’s begin with the fact that Spain is very different on architecture depending on a location. It can be also Gothic cathedrals as, for example, in Barcelona, or the Bohemian chic in Madrid, it can be and exotic if to take in an example the Canary Islands or Tenerife. Therefore each couple can choose for itself the special area for holding a wedding ceremony.

Spaniards are very hospitable and welcome the guests with all hospitality. Whether you will choose cozy small small restaurant for a celebration or the whole huge lock, be sure that service will be according to the highest category.

Thanks to soft climate of Spain holding a celebration will be comfortable for you. And extended from April to September the summer will allow not to limit itself in the choice of date for a wedding. It is always pleasant when weather has in the warm, solar days, but climate, not rainy with winds.

Spain though doesn’t treat the budget countries, but also too it is impossible to call it very expensive. Therefore, very at the moderate price it is possible to spend this unforgettable day in the solar country. Reasonable prices of Spain it is one more plus in our list.

The country in which 185 sunny days in a year, are in demand, both for tourists, and for people who are going to hold any celebration. Therefore here service of such actions is adjusted long ago, so, the widest range of services is at your service provided.

As Spain is on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands), your wedding can easily turn into beach sea tour or the ocean. What can be better, than combine a wedding and a honeymoon in one place?

Benefits at Spain great variety in addition to listed. If you are late in this beautiful country for some time, then it will strike you with the staginess: you can visit both carnivals, and a bullfight, and, especially men will like, soccer with stars of sport of world size.

5 reasons to address the wedding planner.

Preparation for a wedding is case very troublesome, and in our everyday life when every minute on the account, it is difficult to us to find time for additional things or events. And, no wonder, that by preparation for a wedding you can have difficulties. You can lose sight or not be something on an important meeting. Therefore, we adduce to you five arguments asking for the help the wedding planner.

  1. The wedding planner saves your time and money. To find the necessary stylist or to choose the suitable place for holding a celebration, it is necessary to spend a lot of time for search and viewing of the offer. The planner will make everything for you. You only need to choose from the services offered by the planner what will be to liking or approaches under your wedding budget. So you will be able not to distract from work or another family matters.
  1. The planner has the team of stylists, photographers, makeup artists, etc. As, the wedding planner cooperates with many specialists, having ordered services by one big packet, it is possible to receive a quite good discount for service. It will help not to spend spare cash, and you will be able to add additional features for your wedding.
  1. The planner bears responsibility for force majeure. If something in your wedding goes not so, the planner bears responsibility for it. Therefore, such probability is minimum.
  1. Professional approach. The planner has an experience of holding weddings therefore he knows how to avoid some mistakes what to pay attention to how to make everything quickly and qualitatively, can help recommendation with a situation with the difficult choice.
  1. The planner keeps everything under control. If you work with the wedding planner, then can be sure that in the wedding day there will be no force major circumstances, and if arise, then the wedding planner will settle everything, and you can quietly enjoy your wedding, but not the solution of contingencies.

We gave to you five main reasons for benefit of cooperation with the wedding planner. Actually, them it is much bigger therefore, don’t regret to spend some amount of money for confidence that your wedding will take place perfectly.

5 beautiful places for a photoshoot in Spain.

Spain in itself is very picturesque, and especially it isn’t necessary to try to find beautiful places for a photoshoot. But, if we speak about wedding photos, then there is a wish to imprint this day not in some place, and in special. We prepared for you 5 beautiful places for a photoshoot in the wedding day.


The first such cities in Spain as Barcelona and Madrid are included in the list. In Barcelona pay attention to Gaudi’s City and the Spanish village. These two sights are in demand not only for tourists, but also for newlyweds. Bright, with unusual architecture monuments of heritage will serve as an excellent background for a photo newly married.

In Madrid the main place for a photoshoot can be considered Royal Theatre of Madrid and the Royal Botanical Garden. The theater is impregnated with historical spirit and is capable to turn a photoshoot into a travel on time, and in a botanical garden you will spend the time in an environment of fantastic plants.

Seville, bright, similar to carnival, will present to newlyweds favorable conditions for a photo. As here soft climate and rather long summer, it is possible to concentrate on a photoshoot, but not on fight against a heat or other unexpectedness of the nature. Besides, in Seville there are a lot of picturesque small streets with very various churches which doors are always open for such actions.


Majorca is the most romantic place in Spain. All atmosphere as if is impregnated with love. The picturesque nature gives a set of positive emotions and adjusts on the necessary harmony for a photoshoot. White sand, blue water, greens and beauty of flowers is a real paradise for lovers.


The most fashionable place for a wedding photoshoot it is possible to call Ibiza. Each couple will find in this place something special, this place the real Klondike of opportunities. A photo on the seashore, lovely small churchless, a night photoshoot among noisy parties and, even, – all this it is possible to find a photo under water here.

Do you want unusual wedding photos against the background of black sand? Black sand is the hallmark of the following place which we would like to offer you. Island of Tenerife! As it is volcanic an origin, on it there are many black beaches. You are agree, that it is very unusual!

We gave to you only a small part of the most beautiful places of Spain which aren’t less worthy for holding a wedding photoshoot, but the choice always remains behind your preferences!

Ideas of a wedding decor.

Did you determined with the platform for holding a wedding? Now it is possible to think of style and a decor of a wedding action.

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of wedding styles, nevertheless it is possible to allocate those which will be long time on trend still. Treat such styles: Scandinavian, botanical, rustic style, tiffany style, India, bokho and ecostyle. Plus to everything, it is possible to mix several styles at the same time.

What can be used for a decor? First of all, pay attention to natural materials: snags, cockleshells, straw, stones, pebble, saw cuts of trees, grass and berry. At least fashionable are still “things from a grandmother’s attic”. These are various old things, for example, books, coils, regiments, record players, hours, candlesticks, mirrors and other objects of an old interior.



It is at least fashionable to use as material for a decor paper, a cardboard, natural fabrics. It is eco-friendly to use a chintz, flax, lace, textiles. Decorate with fabric tables, chairs, and paper and a cardboard can be useful for a papier-mâché that will arrange a photo zone, for example.

Here several ideas for registration of a wedding which will be urgent some more years in a row.

Which the season is in a row great demand Shabby chic style. Rather just notice it, having chosen a forest glade or giving as the platform for a wedding and to decorate it with old furniture, various old home decoration and use. The name of style is translated from English as “shabby gloss”.

selecion bodas Toledo-110

Rustic style is very similar to rural style. In it the delicacy, ecological compatibility and simplicity is combined. Benefits of such style: it is possible to hold a wedding in Rustic style based on rest, in the private house or just in the wood on a glade.


Bohemian Bokho style combines elegance, luxury and coziness. It is possible to use various tapes, fabric rags, and flowers, elements of weaving, a candle and porcelain.


“White style” is considered one more rather popular style of a wedding. It can be considered also the most economical as, the main decor of a wedding is made by the natural beauty of the nature which is only slightly emphasized with small accents. Here it is possible to apply various lamps, glass vases, candlesticks, flowers in intricate pots and vases, various garlands and a lot of things another what there will be enough imagination for.