Simple and classic, this is our bride from Barcelona

Full of simplicity and classicism, this is our bride from Barcelona, ​​who walked radiantly through the spaces of La Casa de la Seda, among wood walls, walls lined with fine silk, upholstered armchairs, voluptuous hanging lamps and chandeliers.

A monument with more than three hundred years of history, a magical place full of charm, solemnity and elegance to merge in perfect harmony with the style of this bride.

The designer Cristina Tamborero made the dress natural and simple; it gave a romantic and elegant touch.

The dress was pure white. A straight cut design with a small tail and long sleeves; this is the trend of this season.

The dress was decorated with rhinestones on the neck of this, as well as on the cuffs of the sleeves, both parts in silver. Regarding the back of the dress, it was completely closed by an elegant and thin row of small buttons, from the beginning of this to the end of the hips.

To enhance the silhouette, the bride choose high heels in this same color range, open toe and wide heel, which was tied around the ankle.

The hairstyle and the makeup were impeccable. The company Oui Novias was responsible for carrying out a simple makeup with nudes, orange, brown and bronze tones, which highlighted her natural beauty with a thin mascara layer for her big blue eyes and a pinkish color for lips and cheeks.

As for the hairstyle, this was a braided ponytail with a lateral stripe, somewhat casual, leaving loose strands that fell down on the face. Radiant, full of brightness and light!

This entire look was accompanied by a large bouquet of flowers worn by the bride, where the garnet color prevailed above the rest, combined with orange, lilac and light pink roses, all these flowers accompanied by amount of small green and yellow leaves that Rosa Flors was responsible for making. An incredible touch of color!

The wedding planner Natalia Ortiz was in charge of the organization of this wedding, accompanied by the photographer Kobruseva who captured the best moments, thus creating a report full of emotion, spontaneity and naturalness achieving an impolute wedding.

We love brides who don’t conform!

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