The Fábrica del Canal and the planning of the most romantic wedding

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 Have you ever imagined yourself sailing in a boat wearing a wedding dress or crossing stone bridges with your partner? Of course, planning a wedding like this is possible! Because there is a magical venue full of rich culture and gastronomy, and which has also been declared as a Property of Cultural Interest, and this venue is…

La Fábrica de Canal… It has it all!

That’s right! A factory has been transformed into a hotel and restaurant. This old factory was a flour mill, one of the most famous of its region, which even nowadays continues to preserve all of its machinery and character so that a couple like this could get married in this historic wonder.

In general, the weddings celebrated at this venue usually involve civil ceremonies, like the one that our couple had, allowing you to enjoy the large terraces and gardens, or even the inside of the venue where you can find a rustic atmosphere combined with the industrial.

But religious ceremonies can also take place here in one of the nearby churches that stand a few kilometres away from the old mill.

The bride and groom, throughout the day, were able to enjoy the events hall, the outdoor chill-out zone, the terrace with views of the Castle canal, DJ, a creche for the children, a children’s entertainer, a photobooth and accommodation for their wedding night.

The dream wedding decorations

The bouquet was both classic and modern at the same time, as not only did it consist of roses in pink and orange pastel shades, but it also had different types of leaves and hydrangeas. Furthermore, the stems were tied together with an elegant pink ribbon.

The bouquet matched the flowers that were placed in clear jars with water all over the venue. The altar looked most romantic as it was made with planks of wood that were covered by pink mesh fabrics with flowers to the right of it.

On the floor there were also some white fairy lights and wooden crates, and hanging from the ceiling were baskets with green palm tree leaves.

The company Celebra DIY, who directed the wedding, offered a personalized service where they not only took care of every little detail, but also designed the decorations for the entire wedding and venue, so that the bride and groom could enjoy the setting of their dreams for their wedding.

The banquet table… elegant and delicious!

The wooden table was decorated with the same flowers as those in the bouquet and the glass jars. They were laid in a vertical line along the centre of the table on top of a white tablecloth, alongside gold bottles and candles in glass jars.

The crockery was classic, with white plates, metal cutlery and engraved glasses. Furthermore, the plates were accompanied by serviettes which hung from the flowers on the table.

The Fábrica del Canal has its own kitchen and offers menus, various cocktails, showcooking, a wine bar, chill-out areas, a free bar, a ham carver, an oyster opener, a sushi bar, a candy bar, chocolate fountains… so that the beautifully decorated table was also full of delicacies!

A couple full of romance

The bride was dressed by Jesús Peiro, who has had great success with his CALA and HERITAGE collections and whose business philosophy is quality, exclusive accessories and an elegant and romantic style. This meant that our bride shone in one of his designs!

The dress was comprised of a top half consisting of a simple straight pattern with a bardot neckline, an open back and frills at the bottom. The bottom half was made completely from tulle.

The hair and makeup looks were created by Splash by Verónica Barcenilla and were also very romantic, with a wavy half-up half-down hairstyle and smoky silver and black eyeshadow with black eyeliner for the makeup.

The groom also looked very elegant wearing a navy-blue suit, a white shirt and a matching tie in another blue tone with fine lines going across to add decorative touch.

The team that made the magic happen

The photos by Riga Montano captured the colours of the decorations, the waters of the canal and the beaming smiles of the bride and groom. This spectacular wedding was organised by Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz.

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