10 reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planner

Have you just got engaged and you have all the preparations ahead of you? Have you started the preparations and are lost between formalities? Do you need someone to take control of the organisation of this special day so you can enjoy it to the maximum? The solution is clear : you need a wedding planner in your life.

If you are still unsure about the importance of this type of professional for the organisation of your wedding, in this post we explain the advantages to hire a wedding planner. Let’s do it !

She will be the figure who will coordinate your wedding

A wedding preparation is exciting and wonderful, but it can be sometimes intense and frustrating if you are not going in the right direction. It is about coordinating lots of details, bills, documents and providers, and it is hard to keep everything in mind without forgetting anything. Because for sure, in addition to the organisation of the wedding, you will have to work, organise your day to day life and do a thousand things at the same time.

Nevertheless, a wedding planner is a professional dedicated to the organisation, who keeps in mind everything about the big day and every detail of the wedding to make sure it goes perfectly.

Elopement in lavender field
Álvaro and Lucía elopement. Photography: Buenas Photos
She will eliminate the stress

Precisely for your peace of mind, having someone as a figure who knows everything about about your wedding will automatically eliminate any stress and you will be able to enjoy preparations without this tension that can be overwhelming.

She will be by your side during the whole process

A lot of couples have doubts about what a wedding planner really does and it is totally understandable, as some figures of this sector call themselves “general” wedding planners. In the post called differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, we explain in detail the differences between those two professionals in the wedding world.

One of the differences is that a wedding planner will be by your side during the entire process of preparations and during the wedding, she will be with with you from the beginning until the end, from when the bride is getting ready to when the last guest is leaving. She will always keep you calm.

Wedding planner
Natalia Ortiz helping the bride to get ready. Photography: Patricia Knabe
She will make sure you save money and time

This point might be the most surprising and attractive. You may think : how will I save money if I have to hire her and pay her fees? Here is the explication. A wedding planner will get you the best professionals at the lowest price, and then will make sure you have excellent quality in everything you are asking for without exceeding this price.

Keep in mind that she has years of experience and more connections in the bridal world that make her able to get the best at the best price.

With you, your guests will be her priority

The main concern of every couple is that their guests feel comfortable and enjoy the whole celebration. But being with them at the same time as organising your wedding and enjoying it sometimes is impossible. But rest assured, for a wedding planner your guests are the most important along with you. She will look for the best accommodation if they come from abroad, make a welcome kit with all the information they need, organise activities for the days before and after the wedding and ensure that, at all times, they feel comfortable and integrated. This is especially important in a destination wedding or a mixed wedding, where there are guests who come from abroad and who sometimes do not speak the same language.

Your wedding planner will make sure that communication flows, that the master of ceremony is bilingual if you want it that way, and that everything goes smoothly.

Wedding in Valencia
Anastasia and Richard wedding. Photography: Buenas Photos
Choosing the best professionals

She has been in the business for years and has all kinds of contacts and relations. Experience gives you resources to know how to recognise the best professionals and not only for their results but also for being efficient during the all process, the day of wedding and the months before. She will advise you about the best photographers, florists, designers… and always according to your style.

She will keep you aware of new trends

Despite knowing everything about planning, a wedding planner is also someone who keeps up to date with new trends. Maybe you cannot choose something about the decor, doubtful about the style you like, … but a wedding planner will make sure that your wedding has the style you are looking for and will show you every possibility.

Wedding beach ceremony in Alicante
Decoration of Myriam and Hedger wedding style shoot. Photography: Hanna Baranava
She will come up with solutions

Problems always happen to a greater or lesser extent, but what you need for this moment of stress and tension are solutions. This is where your wedding planner comes in. It is possible that you will never know about an “incident” that showed up during the process, since this professional will fix it for you before you even know about it, as your only goal is to enjoy this time and relax.

Even though for her your wedding is the most important thing in the world, she is someone who is not part of the family and that can take decisions and propose ideas with more distance, without being overwhelmed by stress and emotion. However we can assure you that after the wedding, she will part of your family.

She will respect your budget

A less attractive point but still very important : the budget. A wedding planner will strictly adhere to the budget of the wedding, so that it will not be exceeded at any time, knowing where to allocate more or less  budget and leaving part of it for possible unforeseen problems that may arise. She will not leave anything to chance and she will have everything measured.

Furthermore, the issue of bills, times, deadlines … everything, she will take care of it and will be in charge of notifying you when you have to make some payment so that you are never left in the dark.

Wedding in Tenerife
Anita and Alexey wedding ceremony in Tenerife. Photography: Kseniya Bunets
Complete trust

The most important of all, and this is why we leave it until the end, is that having a trustful person to organise the happiest day of your life Is priceless. You will see how, as soon as you sit down to talk about the wedding of your dreams, she will immediately get down to work to make it happen.

And there are 10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner, that will watch over you and will allow you to enjoy your celebration. If you want to delve deeper into understanding the role of a wedding planner, we can explain everything to you in detail.

We wait for you at info@svadbavispanii.ru, to solve your doubts. We do not enjoy anything more than making your dreams come true!

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