Defile weddings dresses 2017

The celebration

‘Me pido este vestido’ celebrated its two years this weekend and ‘Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz’ were lucky to be invited. The celebration took place in a loft situated in Madrid and was very well organized. The event started by a wedding’s appetizers buffet from the caterer: ‘Guante Blanco’. Food was presented in a cute way and delicious. There were fruit’s brochettes, fruit’s and vegetable’s juices, caramel cheesecakes, some French cheeses, tortillas, small sandwiches, and different verrines.

The show

Then, the show began. A member of ‘Me pido este vestido’ introduced the company and its philosophy which is to propose fashion and practical weddings and parties dresses to modern women without an exorbitant budget. They got their inspiration from shop in New York and developed themselves from it.

During the defile, girls wore classic to modern weddings and evenings dresses. With ‘Me pido este vestido’ Brides can meet all their tastes.

The dresses

It started with classic and chic dream dresses. They had lovely details such as bare back or parts with fine lace. It continued with some with a more modern style with dresses were the top and the bottom of were separated. One of them had its bottom full of light pink feathers. It gave the bride a lot of sensuality and a bohemian style. There was also one strapless dress which was gorgeous. The laces in the back of it were stunning.

The defile ended with parties’ dresses. They were colourful and long. Also full of cute details such as long neckline and laces in the back.


‘Me pido este vestido’ offers splendid dresses to brides with small budget and for that really deserves its success.

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