Warmth of the spring wedding session in Toledo

wedding in toledo

Every person waits for warmth because it gives us hope for the future. The time when sun is shining, birds are singing and women get ready to marry fine men. For sure, spring wedding sessions can bring out the best in all of us. Moreover, we all become a bit “plus romantique”.

Especially thinking about such warm and hospitable countries as Spain.

If you are currently planning to “bring out the best tinges” in your couple, to enhance the feelings you have for each other, to get what all beloved people want and even more, wedding in Spain can become the best possible option for both of you.

Thinking about Spain, you always imagine burning sun, golden sand and warm sea. Though, sometimes weather can make jokes, too. Nevertheless, it did not disturb the crew much, as in the end; we got fascinating photos with the taste of special unique spring-like tinges.

Our beloved couple were transferred to stunning location to the north with panoramic view of Toledo, as they wanted to get in touch with the history a little bit, to feel the calm atmosphere of wedding in Spain. If we dig into the history of the region, we find out that Toledo used to be one of the residences for the kings of Castilla and until today it stays a religious center with own cultural background.

So let me tell you about the bride. She wore simple but wonderful snow-white dress with glitter on her waist combined with big bouquet of white and peach-colored flowers and green mermaid-like coronet. She looked marvelous in that and looked very happy while our photoshoot. This lady told me how much was she impressed by the surrounding simple, still exquisite details like grey bench, the balcony, black and white table for the newlyweds, as well as by the stunning panoramic view and black-and-green archway.

Instead of thinking about the rainy weather outside, we all made jokes, took tons of photos and discussed the coconut taste of the cake we were welcomed to try later. So, weddings in Spain are different.

Photography: Buenas Photos | Wedding Dress: Jesus Garcia Atelier | Invitations: Studio Renne| Makeup and Hair: Lola Blume Make| Wedding Planner: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz | Wedding & Reception Venue: Viñedos Cigarral Santa Maria

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