Celebrate your wedding in the North of Spain: the charm of the Basque Country

Wedding in Basque Country
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The Basque Country has something special. And we are not the ones saying that; everyone who visits this part of Spain (or most of them) falls in love with this region of Spain, with its inhabitants and its incredible landscapes. In short, it is a perfect place to celebrate a very special wedding. If you like the North of Spain, you cannot miss this next post, a practical guide that sums up perfectly why celebrating a wedding in the Basque Country may be the ideal choice.

Wedding in Basque Country
Photographs: Buenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz

Let’s start as always, with the reasons that make this place idyllic:

A different landscape

Green, green, nothing but green. This is what you will see in the Basque Country, a truly leafy landscape. And this is one of the advantages that the rain abounds; that despite being summer, the landscape is still perfect. A day of sunshine here is lived and exploited much more than in other parts of Spain which are accustomed to good weather. If you decide to celebrate your wedding here, choose the summer to do so, you´ll have more chance to enjoy the perfect weather.

Wedding in Basque Country

The sacred art

In he Basque Country there is a long history of religious tradition, and this can be seen through the countless churches that are found in this region, each one of them unique, authentic masterpieces that shelter sacred art,

Castles and wedding venues

If castles are the most beautiful buildings that exist, imagine a stone castle contrasting against an intense green landscape. This is what the castles of the Basque Country are like; unique places with a medieval and romantic atmosphere, the ideal enclave for a wonderful day like your wedding.

In addition to castles, there are a lot of emblematic buildings, perfect to celebrate your dream wedding, like the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, the favorite holiday destination of many Hollywood stars during the 20th century.

Wedding in San Sebastián
Photograph: Buenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz
Its coast

Two of the 3 provinces of the Basque Country have a coastline, another plus. Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa have spectacular beaches, different from those of the Mediterranean coast : they have large cliffs and rocks that contrast with fine sand and a sea with strong waves, perfect if you love water sports. If you are looking for a wedding on the beach or with sea views, the Basque Country also offers you this option.

Wedding in Basque Country


And last but not least, the food stands out. The Basque Country is the cradle of the great chefs of the country, and it has Michelin star restaurants such as Arzak or Mugaritz. However, it is not necessary to go to a very expensive restaurant to taste the delicious dishes and specialties of the area, since all the restaurants take care of the quality of their food.

Dream venues to celebrate your wedding in the Basque Country
San Juan de Gastelugatxe
Wedding in Basque Country
Photograph: turismovasco.com

If you are fans of Game of Thrones, we are talking about Dragon Stone. One of the most spectacular places in Europe, an islet linked to the continent by two arches. It has a beautiful hermitage and the route to it is beautiful: a narrow path that goes from the mainland to the upper area, passing over the rocks and over a bridge. There are 241 steps, which are worth the climb to see the view.

El bosque de Oma
Wedding in Basque Country
Photograph: bosquedeoma.com

The artist Basauri Agustín Ibarrola turned this forest into a work of art, painting the trees and giving it a unique and incomparable atmosphere. We recommend this place to take spectacular pre-wedding photographs.


It is hard to choose, but below we recommend two of our favorite churches to celebrate a wedding in the Basque Country.

Catedral de Maria Inmaculada

This neo-gothic building is located in the city centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz, in front of a beautiful park. It is known as Catedral Nueva, inaugurated in 1969, and in this church unique weddings are celebrated, in its ship as well as in its crypt. You can see the gargoyles and the sculpture located in its interior.

Wedding in Basque Country
Photograph: basquecountrymagazine.com

Santuario de Urkiola

This sanctuary is one of the most worshipped in the region. This temple is located in an area immersed in nature, with amazing views of the Natural Park of Urkiola, and can be found in Abadino (Vizcaya).

Wedding in Basque Country
Photograph: basquemountains.com

As you can see, the Basque Country has so much to offer, incredible and original sites where you can celebrate an amazing wedding.

If you are thinking about celebrating your wedding in Basque Country, write to us at info@svadbavispanii.ru, and we will help you with everything necessary about the procedures, the best places depending on the wedding and style you are looking for, accommodation and plans for your guests.

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