The advantages of celebrating your wedding in a hotel in Spain

Wedding in San Sebastián

When we imagine a hotel for weddings, inexplicably, a big hotel comes to mind, with hundreds of bedrooms and big lounges with a somewhat cold and impersonal atmosphere. For this reason, many couples reject this option when searching for wedding locations. However, we must not forget that in Spain there is a large number of hotels which are perfect to celebrate weddings with charm, specialised in unique weddings that are full of magic. In this post, we have given information so that you learn more about this type of hotel, and that you take them into account in the run up to your big day. I´m sure that we´re going to surprise you!

Wedding in San Sebastián
PhotographyBuenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz

To continue, let´s review the strong points and advantages that wedding hotels in Spain can offer us, which are not few and far between:

Reduction of costs:

There is a belief that open air weddings are cheaper, but this is not always the case. We must take into account the fact that open air spaces are not as well conditioned as an interior space and so it is necessary to hire other services: a tent for the sun or rain, furniture, catering, decoration… it all adds up, and in the long run increases the total cost.

Zero worries about the weather

One of the biggest worries of couples who decide to get married in the open air is the weather: will it rain? Will it be windy? Will it be too hot? None of this will cause worry if you celebrate your wedding in a hotel. Plus point!

Accommodation for guests

Another advantage of this type of hotel is that they include accommodation for guests. A big plus if we take into account that you won´t have to move at any time as the bedrooms are in the same hotel where you celebrate the wedding. It´s certain that boutique hotels have less bedrooms than tourist hotels, and in that case, your closest guests, such as family and friends, can always stay there.

Wedding in Tenerife
PhotographyKseniya Bunets / Organisation: Natalia Ortiz

Although the wedding is inside, most of these hotels for weddings in Spain have very well-kept and beautiful garden areas which, if the weather permits, you can always enjoy. Have a drink calmly admiring the views, a little aperitif before the banquet, a chill out corner, etc. Just because you are not celebrating your wedding outdoors doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy nature and gardens.

Services and installations

When celebrating your wedding in a hotel, you will have all of the necessary facilities for an event of such as this: services, air conditioning, heating and its own kitchen.


It is not the same to have a space already decorated in a style that you like as to decorate an outdoor area, because decorating an outdoor area will always be more expensive since it is a blank canvas that must be designed. Therefore, you must choose a hotel that suits your taste, whether vintage, with modern touches, industrial … the possibilities are endless!  

And as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, here are two of our most special projects, both carried out in hotels with a lot of charm, but of different styles.

On one hand, the Hotel Maria Cristina. It is a very emblematic hotel in the city of San Sebastian and the favourite destination for many Hollywood celebrities who went to spend their holidays at the start of the 20th century, in total luxury.

Wedding in San Sebastián
PhotographyBuenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz
Wedding in San Sebastián
PhotographyBuenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz

And, in contrast, here is our work carried out in the Torre del Visco, a boutique hotel situated in Teruel, with a lot of history. It is a restricted space as it has only 16 bedrooms, but has impressive charm. Additionally, it is immersed in nature.

Spring wedding in Torre del Visco
PhotographyBuenas Photos / Wedding planner: Natalia Ortiz

As you can see, there is a large variety of wedding hotels in Spain, capable of harbouring your dream wedding as and when you want and, of course, with all the commodities. If you want to know more about the budget, advantages and options for this type of wedding, write to us at and we will show you all the possibilities. We will wait for you!

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