Weddings and events planning: our experience

Weddings and Events planning

After several years specialising in wedding and events planning, at Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we know that, in addition to the ability and the extensive knowledge necessary in order to be able to work in this profession, there is something more important to success: the experience. During every wedding we give our best effort to get the best result and exceed the expectations of our customers, and our weddings and our events are unique. This is, at the same time, our real goal and what gives us the highest satisfaction.

For this reason, we want to show some of our beautiful weddings and all the experiences that give us the opportunity to develop in the field of weddings and events planning.

We have given our best effort in these challenges, and we always had the peace of our customers at the centre of our mission as well as solving all the problems that we have encountered.

Anita and Alexey’s wedding at the beach

Weddings and Events planning

Anita and Alexey’s wedding was a colourful event filled with happiness. You only have to see how wonderful their smiles were during the whole day to understand how special it was.

We organised the wedding 6 months before the date. All the decorations had to be in harmony with the amazing Tenerife view where the wadding took place. There was a strong wind that day,  and the waves were so high that they reached the wedding venue. However, we thought of a solution in just a few minutes: to set up the celebration on the viewpoint of the hotel. So we found a resolution to the wind problem without losing the amazing view. As a result we had a couple that couldn’t be happier.

Kaci and Dave’s wedding on the mountains

Weddings and Events planning

Kaci and Dave married in the Natural Picos de Europa Park in Asturias, a wonderful place in which the green space all around was the main feature. Just as the venue on top of the highest mountain peak was ready for the celebration, the weather changed. The clouds turned the green view into a grey atmosphere, that wasn’t perfect for the pictures. So we decided to make use of the clouds to create a romantic atmosphere using some candles placed around the venue. As a result, we had romantic and bright pictures thanks to the candlelight and the white clouds.

Olga and Denis’ wedding

During Olga and Denis’ wedding preparations, the future wife received the most important news ever: she was pregnant !The problem was that the wedding dress order was already confirmed some time ago and it had been sent from a far distance. Furthermore, Olga couldn’t try it on, because she was on a business trip in Thailand.

Without the possibility of altering the dress, we started to look for a new one, and in the end, we found two! Olga looked very elegant and brilliant, and to feel comfortable during the dance, she wore another dress. This is what we always suggest to our brides, because if they do they can dance all the night without problems. The most important is…to enjoy yourselves!

Teresa and Ernest’s wedding in Madrid

Weddings and Events planning

Teresa and Ernest decided to get married in a Church, so they needed all the required documents. The documents arrived only one month before the wedding day, even though we completed all the procedures in advance. Without the papers required, we couldn’t choose the wedding date and we couldn’t reserve the wedding location, so we planned the event in just one month. Unbelievably, it was possible and it also was a wonderful event, as the pictures show.

These are only some of our experiences that we wanted to share with you, and that helped us to improve in the weddings and events planning world, without losing our most important goal: ensuring the tranquility of our clients.

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