Differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator

Wedding planner

The profession of wedding planning is developing in our society and the couples which choose this service  are increasing too. Even still, a lot of people don’t know what this profession exactly is and ask questions like: What is a wedding planner? What is the benefit of having one? Why is better to negotiate with a wedding planner if the location offers me an event coordinator?

This last question is the point which we will focus on today, as we talk about the differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator.

The latter is often denominated wedding planner and this is the reason why there can be confusion, but their functions are very different:

Wedding planner’s functions

The wedding planner’s role is to organise all of the wedding’s aspects and her ultimate goal is to ensure the happiness of the couple. Her role includes:

  • The general organization, from the very first step of the wedding planning to the end of the wedding.
  • The coordination of all the suppliers involved: make-up artist, stylist, florist, musicians, decorators, etc.
  • During the wedding day, we assist you from the first preparations to the end, when the last guest leaves.
  • They know all the wedding details.
  • They resolve all the problems, in every single moment also during the wedding. Always vigilant and with an ace in the hole.
  • Planning of a wedding timeline, in this way everything will be perfect.
Dedicated event coordinator’ s functions

The coordinator works for the location where you choose to celebrate your wedding, and so who knows all the aspects of that location very well.

  • They are an intermediary between you and the room staff, in order to achieve all of your goals.
  • They assist you during the meal tasting and assure that your choice will be carried out on the day.
  • They coordinate all of the internal aspects of the wedding day.
  • They work out the banquet’s cost (and the cost of the ceremony if you will celebrate it in the location in which they work)
  • They know the different menu options: vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.
  • Are responsible for the perfect coordination of all the aspects during your wedding day.
Wedding planner
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After these clarifications it is easier understand the differences:

Differences between a wedding planner and a dedicated event coordinator:

  • The dedicated event coordinator shall coordinate all the location planning; the wedding planner is in charge of all the wedding planning from the first moments until the end.
  • The event coordinator is an intermediary between you and the venue staff, but the wedding planner is more than that. For example, if the wedding cake is baked by an external supplier, the wedding planner shall ensure that it will arrive at the right time and place.
  • The event coordinator ensures that we receive the price negotiated, but it is the wedding planner who knows the  global costs and helps you to have the best event without spending all your budget.
  • Generally, the dedicated event coordinator doesn’t escort you during the wedding day (not all the day, at most) because sometimes the venue celebrate more than one event in the same day. The wedding planner will assist you all the time, coordinating and establishing the peace that you need that day.

In short, both are extremely  important for the best wedding, because each one is specialized in a different field and they become complementary for a successful event.

If you want to know more about the wedding planner’s services and functions, please enter this page or send us a message to mail@nataliaortiz.com.

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