Find the wedding venue of your dreams in Spain

One of the concerns that torments the bride and groom in the first stages of their wedding organisation, is to find the perfect wedding venue. Organizing a wedding in Spain means having a wide range of possibilities in terms of exclusive and original places to choose from, since in this country there are many kinds of extraordinary venue, that will adapt to your needs. This point can be a great advantage but it also makes it difficult to choose or at least, to reduce your choices to a few. It’s so hard to choose!

Wedding in Quinta de Illescas
Photography: Tanya Vasiliuk / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

At Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we offer you the possibility to help you with this search and make this process extremely easy for you to enjoy the preparations and the choice of venue. Before explaining what this service consists of, the first thing that you establish is a basic criteria to begin with the search for the wedding venue of your dreams, according to:

  • Number of guests
  • Time of the year in which the wedding is celebrated. Some venues have areas of garden which can be used in the colder months, but others are only available in spring and summer.
  • Style: medieval, industrial, vintage, romantic etc …
  • Location. If you have a favorite place or area in Spain to celebrate your wedding, it will always be better to start the search there.
Wedding in San Sebastián
Photography: Buenas Photos / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

Once you have these criteria a little more defined (do not worry, there can always be modifications or new requests), we start the process, through which our agency will help you with everything you need to choose the perfect wedding venue. 

Wedding venue in Spain
Photography:Buenas Photos / Organization: Natalia Ortiz

Here we detail how this service would work:

  • In our first meeting, we will talk about your tastes and establish the criteria that we have discussed previously. If you still do not have them completely defined, we will help and advise you.
  • Later and after a selection process of exclusive places, we will present a list of the venues for weddings that best suit your needs and the style you are looking for.
  • After your review, we will organize a visit to the different venues you choose, in which a multi-lingual coordinator of the Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz team will accompany you at all times and will help you with:
    • The most technical vision of the space, seeing the different possibilities that exist to adapt it to your wedding. For example, something like plug sockets if you want outside lighting for an outdoor banquet.
    • The communication with the coordinator of the location, since she can translate everything that she tells you about the place, budgets, menus, etc.
    • She will advise you on the best corners and options to organize different scenarios depending on the facilities
Bridal morning in Madrid
Organization: Natalia Ortiz

If after you visit and the choose the place you are interested in alongside our wedding planner services, this search process for the venue will have no cost. If not, we would end our service here and the agreed amount would be paid.

In Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we love being able to accompany the couple who decide to celebrate their destination wedding in Spain, as we know the most exclusive venues well here. Our goal is to create the wedding of your dreams and provide immense peace of mind throughout the process. If you want to celebrate a wedding in Spain, here you can check out all our services or write to We wait for you!

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