Practical guide: how to organize a wedding in Mallorca

wedding in Mallorca

Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearics and one of the most beautiful spots in Spain, which is why a lot of couples want to have their wedding there. If you are starting the organisation of yours, you should read this post. Together, we will review step by step how to organise a wonderful wedding in Mallorca, like you have always dreamed of.

wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Vivid Symphony

First things first, let’s see the advantages and reasons to get married in Mallorca :

  • The climate. This island has pleasant weather all year round, with high temperatures in summer and moderate temperatures in winter. Perfect to celebrate an outdoor wedding, or at least part of it.
  • Dream venues. No matter if you want to celebrate your wedding on an amazing beach or in a hotel with views, in Mallorca you will find what you’re looking for. The island offers lots of sites with charm to celebrate the most important day of your life.
  • Communication. It has the third largest airport of the country regarding passengers traffic which is connected to the most important cities in Spain and with others worldwide.
  • Excursions. If you are organising a destination wedding, for the days prior to as well as for the days after the wedding, you should plan excursions or experiences for your guests. There is no problem for that in Mallorca as there are a lot of possibilities, such as exploring the island, its landscapes and its beaches. It is a magical place !
  • Food. Another plus of Mallorca is that the island offers delicious , typically mediterranean food.

After reviewing the most interesting aspects, we are going to have a look step by step on how to organise your wedding in Mallorca and achieve everything you have always wanted for your big day.

Choose the best part of the year

Like we said before, Mallorca has an excellent climate almost all year round, but, to celebrate a sunny wedding, we should not let ourselves be overwhelmed. During summer months, it is possible that it is too hot and we do not want you to not enjoy your day. Then, what do you think about May, September or October?

Another point to take into account is that lots of venues only open from May to October.

Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Sandra Mañas García
Choose the type of wedding you want
  • Beach wedding :
    If you are dreaming of a beach wedding, Mallorca will not disappoint you. It has absolutely spectacular beaches, with clear water, rocks and nature. It is a paradise. However, you can not forget to ask for the necessary permits to get married on the beach, as you will have to do different formalities depending if it is public or private.
Wedding in Mallorca
The wedding of Dmitry and Aurike that we organized on a private beach. Photography: Sandra Mañas García
  • Wedding in an exclusive venue
  • In Mallorca, not only the beaches are special places to celebrate your wedding. The island has wonderful hotels and exclusive spaces, charming salons and everything necessary to organise a wedding according to your tastes and the number of guests.
wedding mallorca
One of our most beautiful projects, in a heavenly place in Mallorca. Photography: Vivid Symphony
  • Religious wedding
    In Mallorca, the spectacular Church Nueva Son Servera is located, where you can have a wonderful religious ceremony under this wonderful architecture. It is a project of which Joan Rubio Bellver was in charge, collaborator of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, and , even though it is not finished, it has a unique charm as it it an open church.
Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Ana Patlis
Hire a Wedding Planner

Precisely for things like the previous point and the procedures to choose the best place to celebrate your union, it is essential to have a wedding planner to organize a destination wedding in Mallorca that meets the following requirements:

  • She has to be located in the country where the wedding is celebrated
  • She has to know the best venues and professionals of the industry in Mallorca to offer you a range of possibilities
  • She has to know everything about the paperwork necessary to get married on a beach or another place
  • Finally, she has to be a professional that brings you tranquility for this special day

If you are thinking about celebrating a wedding Mallorca, feel free to check out how we could help you with :

  • Legal requirements
  • Choosing the best professionals : photographer, decor, banquet venue, invitations, housing, transportation,…
  • Plan the days before and after the wedding
  • Everything else you need for your big day to be a hit

More information about our services >

Wedding in Mallorca
One of the incredible wedding photographs of Dmitry and Aurike on the beach. Photography: Sandra Mañas García
Book the best housing

Whether you are celebrating your wedding on the beach or in a hotel or a wedding venue, you will need accommodation for your guests who are coming from far away and who will stay at least a few days on the island. This is not a problem, since Mallorca is a place used to tourism and has different types of accommodation, from hotels to private villas. However, it is very important to book accommodation in advance so that there are no surprises and you can choose the accommodation that suits you best depending on capacity, budget, location and style. Having a wedding planner will allow you to save hours of research and she will offer you the best accommodation option at the best price.

Give your guests indications

If you are getting married in a foreign country, furthermore, an island it is fundamental that you give the information necessary to your guests so that the trip will be the easiest possible. Lots of them will have to take 2 flights, one on the peninsula and the other to the island, to arrive. It is possible that it will not be such a famous place like Madrid or Barcelona, therefore we advise you to create a small dossier so that they can have all the information about accommodation, transportation from the airport, climate, etc.

Photography: Vivid Symphony
Touches of mediterranean decoration

And finally we are going to a more beautiful subject, which you will enjoy: the decoration. Although each couple must choose the decoration and style of the wedding that they like the most, celebrating your wedding in Mallorca will likely encourage you to opt for a style more inspired by the sea and the sun. It does not have to be a wedding on the beach with Ibiza style, but some Mediterranean-inspired touches will be ideal. Like this table that we decorated for the wedding of Dmitry and Aurike, with a nice cage with candles and shells, blue glassware and a beautiful white tablecloth, very bright:

Wedding in Mallorca
Photography: Sandra Mañas García

Do you want to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca? Following this practical guide and having the help of a wedding planner who knows everything about the island, will make your wedding a hit.

If you have any doubt or if you want to know more about how to celebrate a wedding in Mallorca, contact us at . We would love to help you organise it !

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