9 reasons why it is worth holding a wedding in the lock Amor Is violent.

The lock Is violent Amor (Castillo del Buen Amor) is translated as the lock of Beautiful Love. And you really understand it when only you take of it the first view. This is special place in which you feel at home. The atmosphere of coziness is created by beautiful numbers, library, the playground, a garden, the outdoor pool and it is a lot of other fine services.

To hold a wedding in the lock Amor is violent it means to enjoy really royal rest. All because in this place there are several unique opportunities:

1.Royal services of the lock. You will be able to be convinced of it when in the lock you are met by the butler; the breakfast will be given to a bed together with strawberry and champagne, and will also suggest to use a private terrace where except you will be nobody.

2.Ancient halls. In the lock there are several halls, the equipped exclusive ancient things, a big fireplace and library. Against the background of such effective interior the smart photoshoot will turn out.

3.Unique numbers. Each number of the lock is reconstructed under an original interior of the lock of those times when in it there lived still kings.

4.Traditional Castilian cuisine. It’s a remarkable opportunity to create a wedding banquet with original dishes and to enjoy refined food and drinks.

5.Tasting of Spanish wines. In addition to traditional cuisine you will be able to try these Spanish wines from the grapes which are grown up on lock vineyards.

6.An excursion on vineyards. The second wedding day can be held rather unusually and to go to an excursion on lock vineyards. You will perfectly spend time and will broaden the horizons, having added knowledge of winemaking.

7.A trip on the retro car. In day of your wedding you and your second half will be able to enjoy beauty of landscapes of the lock on this retro car. Such opportunity to combine walk on a rare car in beautiful places with a photoshoot drops out time in life.

8.Driving on horses. For fans of active lifestyle will offer riding on horses. Whether it is worth saying that a storm of emotions won’t keep themselves waiting!

And our specialists will help to organize a wedding in such wonderful place. We will undertake all wedding efforts, and you will need only to enjoy in your remarkable afternoon!

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