The castle for Cinderella or The Alcazar of Segovia.


In a first, castle Alkazar was as fortress, but in future time was royal palace, state prison, royal artillery academy. In all time, this castle has many reorganizations and present time it is the one demanded sight from castle of Spain.

The beautiful landscapes are attraction nothing tourists, but cinema production. So, the famous   Walt Disney was inspired to create a castle for Cinderella.

We can note, that Alkazar is not only a beautiful castle, but it’s important strategic fort of Spain. It is reliable shelter and one of the most unapproachable forts. There are underground labyrinths in Alkazar, through which it connect with other palace.

For visitors castle was cooked a museum with eleven halls, when you can see unique exhibits and touch a history: ancient furniture, interiors of various time, collection of an armor, ancient weapon, portraits of the Spanish kings, and also stained-glass windows and pictures. Also, in museum you can see a chapel, when king of Spain Philip II was get married on Anna Avstriyskaya.

If you dream about fairytale photoshoot, that Alkazar is the best place for it. A many backgrounds and halls of castle allow to do variety photo and to get a fantastic photoshoot.

The famous gardens of castel Alkazar don’t leave indifferent nobody. Its territory is 55000 m2. This garden in east colour is consist of palm trees and cypresses, lemon and orange trees, blossom motley beds here, and between artificial ponds and fountains there are statues of all Spanish kings and queens whose leg at least once crossed a palace threshold.

And, if you going to Spain and would like a lot of beautiful photo on a memory, that go to Alkazar. It will be mini-adventure in history with many emotions!


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