The Honeymoon and wedding photoshoot in Spain.

This article is more similar to the photo report of a honeymoon of one happy and loving couple. Alexander and Ekaterina had registered the defect and held a wedding in Russia, and decided to organize a honeymoon and a wedding photoshoot in Spain. The photoshoot and rest were in Catalonia, on the seashore. But we would like to tell not only about it, and about how sometimes it is useful to divide a wedding celebration and a photoshoot for different days! And that is why:

1.Measured and quiet situation. So, there is no excess stress and nervousness this day. Carrying out it an action will be high-quality and productive, there will be a much bigger quantity of high-quality pictures.

2.It isn’t necessary to be distracted by a wedding dress not to spoil it. In the wedding day there is a wish to feel at height, especially to the bride to the maximum; on it all eyes are attracted! Therefore, each bride worries about the fact that it is possible to spoil accidentally a dress and to appear not in the best possible way in such day. On a separate photoshoot you will have other dress and except pictures you in it won’t go anywhere.

3.It is possible to choose the most favorable time and weather. For a separate photoshoot you can choose time suitable for you, but not that which will turn out during the wedding. Besides, such factor, how is the weather won’t spoil your photoshoot; you can always postpone it the next day or time.

4.Only your presence and nobody is more. Usually, at a wedding during the photoshoot guests are presented to themselves and forced to expect when young people finish with pictures. It creates a certain inconvenience as for guests, so for newlyweds: quicker everything wants to be finished not to keep anybody waiting. One more plus from a separate photoshoot – it an opportunity is quiet and without hurrying to spend film-making day.

5.There is no restriction in the choice of the place for a photoshoot. Most likely, in the wedding day the photoshoot will pass not in that place where you want, and there where will be closer to restaurant, the REGISTRY OFFICE or it is just more convenient not to go many around the city and not to get stuck in traffic jams. What to tell, about remote, but beautiful, places! It is one more plus of a separate photoshoot – it is possible to choose any place!

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