A wedding on a coast in Spain.

Spain is a perfect country for a wedding on a beach. Why? Because? There is a long coast and variety type of beach. It is sandy, stony, rocky and, even, black and others.

If you solve hold a wedding on a beach that you need to use our advices.

So, it is necessary to consider time of holding a wedding. Of course, it is better to plan such wedding in the summer and, nevertheless, it is possible to consider months from May to September optimum season. This is favorable season, when the easy breeze and a sea breeze soften a hot heat.

Warn guests that the wedding will take place on the beach. They will be able correctly to be prepared for your wedding. It is unlikely to ladies on hairpins and to men in black suits it will be comfortable to spend the whole day on sand and on a heat.


Choose a color scheme when you will be to plan a decor. Every year we have the new actual wedding tendencies. What is a tendencies in 2017 year you may looking for in our article “Wedding tendencies in 2017”.

If you plan to carry out on the beach not only a wedding ceremony, but also a banquet, then think over what dishes will be better to be included in the menu. Lack of perishable goods, hard alcoholic drinks and difficult dishes has to be an indispensable condition for the menu. The optimal solution will be to organize a buffet reception in the form of a buffet with light meals and “tropical” bar with nonalcoholic and low alcohol cocktails.

One more important council which can be given for the organization of a wedding at the sea is time for a photoshoot. Optimum time 90 minutes before a sunset are considered.


The choice of clothes for the groom and the bride and guests. At the choice of dresses give preference to light bright dresses and sundresses for women and to light thin trousers and shirts for men.

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