How make a wedding in Spain?

Is Spain we can make official and symbolic wedding. For official wedding you need have the one condition: one in a couple is resident of Spain. The symbolic wedding is available for many people. Such wedding don’t differ from official, only it hasn’t validity. But it has many preferences.

The pluses to make symbolic wedding:

  1.       You can to make wedding on any place (in a mountains, on a beach, on a yacht). In different from official wedding, you can to make symbolic wedding on any platforms. It’s more simply for procedure of wedding ceremony.
  2.       Symbolic wedding is relieved from paper efforts. For such wedding you don’t need to collect many documents and translate it on foreign language of country for wedding.
  3.       You can choice a date of wedding, which you want, but not offered by employees of registering bodies. And, you wedding will be then, when you are wanting.
  4.       You haven’t a time slips in a wedding day. When you have official ceremony that shifts on time so, something you won’t be in time up to the end or at all won’t make in the wedding day. Symbolic wedding will be on your plan and the probability of temporary slips is minimum.
  5.       You will save on a tax and a duty for registration of a wedding. Though it is a trifle, and it is pleasant!

It was pluses of symbolic wedding in Spain. Further we will tell you about two interesting places in which it is possible to hold a wedding in Spain.

One is some place be castle Buen Amor. It’s a wonderful and universal place. In this castle you can make wedding ceremony, banquet and stay in a hotel on all time of wedding.  The lock open spaces are allowed to choice place for ceremony, banquet: it may be one of lock halls or open platform: Buen Amor has comfortable rooms such just married, such guests.  

Also, we know one a fairytale place, its castle La Baronia. In this place you are touch to centenary history. Its elegant walls of modernist style era to give a refined charm to your wedding. Highlight of this place is sea at a foot La Baronia.


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