How to organize a wedding an abroad?

It seems very difficult task, especially, when it’s your first wedding and it will be in unknowing country. Very sensitive ladies may be to pass, but don’t worry! We haven’t impossible in our world and such big and difficult task we will be solve on a little pieces. And we make a plan for successful wedding in abroad.

Of cause, you can take a help of weddings organization, but if you wont to plunge in atmosphere of cooking to wedding, you need to use a simply plan.

In begin, you need to defined, in which a style will be your wedding. It’s very important, because it help us to choose a place for wedding ceremony. You agree with me, that wedding in Hawaiian style is not possible in Germany.

Also, you need decided about your budget for wedding. What is will be wedding? Its may be small wedding or very big, or maybe it is will be small evening. Number of guests is influence on a budget. The optimal variant of guests is only close friends and relatives.

In organization wedding an abroad, we have a one an important moment. You need influence, which you need: symbolic or official? The easiest wedding an abroad is symbolic.

Preparation to wedding could begin until 6 mounts before a choice date. When you make previously stapes, you need think about place for wedding ceremony and celebrate. Important know, that not all places you can use for ceremony without agreement with administration, therefore it will be better, if you choice a place without such problems. You can use a territory of restaurant, for example.

The next step of plan it a transport and transfer. You need booking a ticket on airplane and think about other transfer from airport to hotel and other place in weddings day. For example, you can rent a car or bus.

Also, you could care about place of living for you and your guests. If you have many guests, you can book all hostel, for example.

Still you could include such costs, as food, photographer, stylist and décor of place for wedding ceremony.

It was our a little advice, how to organize a wedding an abroad yourself. And, if you still want a wedding an abroad, that we wish you good luck and believe, that you do it!

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