5 beautiful places for a photoshoot in Spain.

Spain in itself is very picturesque, and especially it isn’t necessary to try to find beautiful places for a photoshoot. But, if we speak about wedding photos, then there is a wish to imprint this day not in some place, and in special. We prepared for you 5 beautiful places for a photoshoot in the wedding day.


The first such cities in Spain as Barcelona and Madrid are included in the list. In Barcelona pay attention to Gaudi’s City and the Spanish village. These two sights are in demand not only for tourists, but also for newlyweds. Bright, with unusual architecture monuments of heritage will serve as an excellent background for a photo newly married.

In Madrid the main place for a photoshoot can be considered Royal Theatre of Madrid and the Royal Botanical Garden. The theater is impregnated with historical spirit and is capable to turn a photoshoot into a travel on time, and in a botanical garden you will spend the time in an environment of fantastic plants.

Seville, bright, similar to carnival, will present to newlyweds favorable conditions for a photo. As here soft climate and rather long summer, it is possible to concentrate on a photoshoot, but not on fight against a heat or other unexpectedness of the nature. Besides, in Seville there are a lot of picturesque small streets with very various churches which doors are always open for such actions.


Majorca is the most romantic place in Spain. All atmosphere as if is impregnated with love. The picturesque nature gives a set of positive emotions and adjusts on the necessary harmony for a photoshoot. White sand, blue water, greens and beauty of flowers is a real paradise for lovers.


The most fashionable place for a wedding photoshoot it is possible to call Ibiza. Each couple will find in this place something special, this place the real Klondike of opportunities. A photo on the seashore, lovely small churchless, a night photoshoot among noisy parties and, even, – all this it is possible to find a photo under water here.

Do you want unusual wedding photos against the background of black sand? Black sand is the hallmark of the following place which we would like to offer you. Island of Tenerife! As it is volcanic an origin, on it there are many black beaches. You are agree, that it is very unusual!

We gave to you only a small part of the most beautiful places of Spain which aren’t less worthy for holding a wedding photoshoot, but the choice always remains behind your preferences!

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