Ideas of a wedding decor.

Did you determined with the platform for holding a wedding? Now it is possible to think of style and a decor of a wedding action.

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of wedding styles, nevertheless it is possible to allocate those which will be long time on trend still. Treat such styles: Scandinavian, botanical, rustic style, tiffany style, India, bokho and ecostyle. Plus to everything, it is possible to mix several styles at the same time.

What can be used for a decor? First of all, pay attention to natural materials: snags, cockleshells, straw, stones, pebble, saw cuts of trees, grass and berry. At least fashionable are still “things from a grandmother’s attic”. These are various old things, for example, books, coils, regiments, record players, hours, candlesticks, mirrors and other objects of an old interior.



It is at least fashionable to use as material for a decor paper, a cardboard, natural fabrics. It is eco-friendly to use a chintz, flax, lace, textiles. Decorate with fabric tables, chairs, and paper and a cardboard can be useful for a papier-mâché that will arrange a photo zone, for example.

Here several ideas for registration of a wedding which will be urgent some more years in a row.

Which the season is in a row great demand Shabby chic style. Rather just notice it, having chosen a forest glade or giving as the platform for a wedding and to decorate it with old furniture, various old home decoration and use. The name of style is translated from English as “shabby gloss”.

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Rustic style is very similar to rural style. In it the delicacy, ecological compatibility and simplicity is combined. Benefits of such style: it is possible to hold a wedding in Rustic style based on rest, in the private house or just in the wood on a glade.


Bohemian Bokho style combines elegance, luxury and coziness. It is possible to use various tapes, fabric rags, and flowers, elements of weaving, a candle and porcelain.


“White style” is considered one more rather popular style of a wedding. It can be considered also the most economical as, the main decor of a wedding is made by the natural beauty of the nature which is only slightly emphasized with small accents. Here it is possible to apply various lamps, glass vases, candlesticks, flowers in intricate pots and vases, various garlands and a lot of things another what there will be enough imagination for.


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